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Lips & Mouth - Where Your Mental Side Meets The Physical Expression

The feature on a face that can, on its own, reveal an overall insight to the character of a person and its effect on the Feng Shui of the Face, are the lips and the mouth. Like the Front Door to a House or an Establishment, it can dictate its Fortune or Fall.

The ideal mouth should be parallel to the eyes, not longer than the centre of the eye and at right angles to the centre of a line drawn from the base of the nose.

Any deviation from this is an irregularity and denotes a flaw or weakness in the character and the smooth flow of the Facial Chi or Energy.

Made up of highly sensitive membranes, the lips react to impulses from the brain and depending on the refinement or coarseness of the character, the mouth can soothe and encourage those around or it can destroy and start almighty wars by the power of the sound and the spoken words emitted from them.

The Refined Mouth of The Superior Man 

The Lips and Mouth of a superior man who is of high mental beauty, with self-control over his emotions and physical tendencies and with natural wisdom, is straight, with a balance between the top and lower lip which in turn are firmly pressed together in response with ample redness of lips showing. The top lips do not protrude from the base of the nose when viewed in profile and the lower lips do not curl downwards.


The Aggressive Mouth

The aggressive mouth is smaller or wider than the ideal mouth. It protrudes forward from the base of the nose when viewed in profile. In a normal conversation, the crest of the mouth will protrude even further or curl upwards as if snarling. Explosive in temper and quick in tongue, a person with such a mouth creates a battleground whenever provoked.


The Sarcastic Slope

When either the left or the right side of the lip rides upwards, it indicates that the person has a slanted or sarcastic side to his being. Always on the defensive, the lip uncontrollably slides up the side to reveal the mind’s reaction to what he sees, hears or feels. Seldom at peace with himself or in company, his sarcastic nature views the world as an enemy. He is highly critical of others and will present his views and opinions with sarcasm.


The Scornful Dips

A mouth can lift up at the ends in a perpetual display of good-hearted humour or dip down in a glum expression, but the scornful dip is a masterful art of contortion by the mouth. In such a form, the mouth is usually of the average or above average width. The ends dip downwards in a negative turn and the crest of the lips curl upwards in a snarl. Such a person views the world with disdain. Life’s experiences have dealt him many blows and his pride has been badly bruised. His mouth expresses his disappointments and his pride has reversed to scorn. His reactions will be, at best, defensive sarcasm in words and at worst, brutally physical.


The Controlled Lips

The fullness of lips express natural sensuality, generosity and passion. The fuller the lips, the greater the emotions. The top lip indicates how much a person can give of himself to these emotions, the lower lip indicates his need for such emotions.

The ideal lips are those that are firmly, though not too tightly pressed together with ample display of red soft lips. When the lips are tightly pressed together, it indicates that such a person is in total control and repression of his most human emotions. If such a person has also a small or narrow dip in his ears cavity, such a person will be mean in spirit as well as in his actions.

If only the top lip is thin, then he is ready to receive but unwilling to give and is totally controlled and guarded with his emotions.

If the lower lip is thin but the top lip is full, then he will be open and ready with his emotions but is uncomfortable in receiving or dealing with the emotions of others. It would be difficult for such a person to say “I Love You” in response to a show of love.


Irritable and Bad Tempered

Lips that come together in a wavy line in the centre indicates a character who is uneven tempered and easily irritated. He will be difficult to deal with and can either lapse into hostile silence if his lips are thin, or explode into a violent display of animal violence if his lips are exaggeratedly full.

It is wise to have little or no confrontation with such a person as his emotions have no rationale.

As each of these lip- type portrays a behaviour. They naturally evoke a reaction. The reactions they evoke can be pleasant or otherwise. If the reaction is pleasant, an ideal connection is made and goodwill and friendship or love will develop. 

If the reaction is negative, unhappiness, misinterpretation and chaos results.

This is the positive or negative Chi your lips and mouth can bring to your Face Feng Shui. The power of sound that comes from your mouth can make you enemies or garner you friends. The slight movement of your lips can evoke sympathy and a smile can win hearts. Just as efficiently, a slight curling of your lips can show disapproval or disgust.

Cosmetic and surgery can alter the fullness or shape of a pair of lips but nothing can alter how they snarl, lift in contempt. or droop in despair. Such repairs need to reach the soul.


25th January 1975 - Wood Tiger

Kit the Wood Tiger has a very unusual face. I have highlighted his eyes, eyebrows and tips of his ears to emphasize the periods of 37 which is the period which he is going through now. There is a great deal of intelligence, creativity and intuitive behaviour patterns that can give Kit a great advantage in his pursuit of recognition and financial security. Kit is never satisfied with minor successes or an adequate living. Kit always wants to make it big.

His nose does indicate that he will make it but to get to the period of the 40’s which are a very powerful period for Kit, Kit must first go through the periods of 35 to 40 and this period may be a difficult and tricky period for him to manoeuvre through. His Tiger Eye (right eye) shows a person who can be easily pressured and sometimes inclined to lose his cool too easily. It also holds a gleam of someone who can get hysterical or become a fanatic. But his Dragon side is keeping Kit under control. He has what is known as Fox Eyes which are eyes that are hooded or heavy-lidded with a slight tilt upwards at the temple. The person with such eyes calculates his every move. He plays things close to his chest and you will never really know what he is up to. He can be secretive and sometimes manipulative. Although looking at the eyes at a glance, they may strike you as being not in harmony, but for the success of Kit, this dual personality, conflicting nature and disturbing character can eventually help him through this difficult period. I must remind Kit that to be successful, he must avoid any devious or underhanded deals and temptations during this period because if he succumbs to this temptation to advance himself or get into an indiscrete liaison or obtain money, he will get caught or land himself into serious problems.

My advice to Kit is to be cautious during this period and do not fall into any get-rich-quick schemes or fall in love with someone else’s girl. There is success waiting for Kit and he should just mark time for the moment and wait for next year and into his 40’s for the success that is promised to him by his Face Feng Shui. Wearing Light Blue, Dark Blue and Whites would help his aura. He should also avoid alcoholic beverages and get his kidneys checked especially if there is a history of diabetes or kidney problems in his family.

15th February 1973 – Water Ox

Here are the beautiful eyes of a Water Ox called Wern. This lovely lady has an eye for beauty and she is extremely creative but she is not daring enough to allow her imagination to be used sufficiently to fulfil a destiny that awaits her. For this reason, there is a glint of frustration shown in her face especially around her lip area which is tightly pressed, showing inward control.

Wern would be content for the moment to focus her creative talents as a mother and a home keeper but if conditions and her work allows it, then her creativity will blossom. To keep a balance, Wern should take up some artistic hobby, be it painting and such but if she can, I would advise her to take up cake-making and cake decorations as she can be a talented cook. Her Dragon side eye has the tilt of the Phoenix look and she can be successful in anything to do with the arts as well as in the film industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been a model or has a desire to act or be a model.

At the moment, her life pursuits may be more down to earth and this is reflected in her Tiger Eyes which are level and more matter- of -fact. But creativity is something which I have always considered to be a gift from God and therefore anybody with a hint of creativity and such talents should always enhance it and express it in some form or another because such people as those with creative talents do make a world a more beautiful and harmonious place to live in. So Wern, if you have been suppressing yourself, I would advise you to think again and pursue your dreams. The age of 38, 39 and 40 are good years for you and it could be the beginning of a new cycle.

Husband and Wife

26th April 1964 – Water Tiger

25th March 1959 – Earth Boar

In analysing a face and especially in analysing eyes, the ideal eyes should be straight when measuring from pupil to pupil. If the eyes are a little but askew or one side is lower than the other, it will show a disharmony or an unbalance in some way that will inflict a person. S.Y.T. have eyes that are not balanced. Her Dragon Eye is better formed and more direct whereas her Tiger Eye is narrower and  higher than her other eye. S.Y.T. will always feel anxious and insecure in her life. That is why she has written to say that she is not at peace in her family life and she is insecure about the love of her husband who she claims prefers his mother. A mother is never a competition to a wife unless the wife allows his mother to become one. S.Y.T. should endeavour to make her home life comfortable and safe so that her husband will seek refuge and peace with her. S.Y.T. complains about her financial needs from her husband which is not fulfilled , but could it be that S.Y.T. demands too much from her husband who may just not be able to provide her with what she wants. Eyes that are wide apart such as S.Y.T. shows that such a person can be extremely nervous and highly strung and this coupled with her insecurity can make her quite demanding especially for financial support as she is always  afraid of her future. My advice to S.Y.T. is that she should try to make her family life at home comfortable and study from her mother in law what it is that her husband needs from her and then try to give it to him in her own home. A word of advice to S.Y.T. who is, after all, a Tiger, is that she should not nag her husband and try to control her fiery temper and erratic moods. Wearing more Greens, Purples and Creams can help her aura and I would advise her to try and put on more weight.  

P.T. - Earth Boar

Now these are the nose and lips of S.Y.T.’s husband and he is an Earth Boar with a great deal of pride and also a torrid temper. But the most significant features in this gentleman’s face are his cheeks that lie very close to his nose and mouth area and his lips. Such cheeks which bulge low in the face indicates a person who is quite secretive and private in his thoughts and actions. His lips also show such character. The unevenness of the centreline of his lips shows that he is also very irritable and has a short fuse. I would therefore advise S.Y.T. that when she wishes to discuss anything with her husband, she should choose her moments and not just say what she wants when she wants even though her husband may have just come back from work or is tired. Boars are never normally mean and stingy. They are considered to be very generous. But this Earth Boar who is the husband of S.Y.T. is a person who cannot be pushed into anything and he has dreams or secret desire of his own which he is trying very hard to accomplish and because P.T. the Earth Boar is not very good at revealing his inner soul, he is not able to explain and communicate to his wife his dreams or even his worries, therefore disharmony in the house will reign. It is my advice to S.Y.T. who wrote to me, to try very hard to be more considerate to her husband and instead or being demanding, she should be encouraging him to open up to her so that she can understand his position and his circumstances and therefore they work as a team. After all, marriage is a team effort and no man is an island. To get this marriage on a better footing, communications and consideration should be the key. S.Y.T. should also advise her husband not to indulge in alcohol or in any kind of supportive medication if he doesn’t require it as addiction is shown with him. Travel and music would be a great joy and comfort to P.T. the Earth Boar and walks by the sea or holidays by the sea can soothe his inner spirit. Wearing Yellows, Golds, Reds and Greys will help his aura and I would strongly advise him to turn to spirituality and his own religion in times of trouble.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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