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Profile - Can It Bring Fame & Fortune

A face in profile can add a further facet to the Feng Shui of your face. Like the undulating terrain of a land, your face can indicate your peaks of power in fortune and fame as well as the valleys of your downfall.

When viewing a face in profile, the ideals of what constitutes high intelligence by Camper’s theory is not necessarily what is a face with Good Energy (Camper believed that the sharper the angle of the nose is to the forehead and the chin, the more intellectually developed is the person).

Each feature, when it is prominent in profile, dictates the period when you will be at your peak or it can show your prominent character which can propel you to success, overcoming all odds that can be stacked up against you when your face is viewed from the front.

Paul Getty

Paul Getty, one of the richest men in the world

One of the richest men in the world, Paul Getty has the ideal profile to acquire wealth. His nose is his strength. When viewed in profile, it is strong and straight with only a very slight dip at the bridge. The rounded tip further emphasizes the ability to acquire wealth. His nostrils flare upwards indicating his screw character. His lips are thin indicating his frugal nature and this coupled with the narrow notch of his ear cavity actually speaks of a miser. In fact, the story goes that he installed a payphone in his mansion so that his guests had to pay for their own phone calls. 

His jutting eyebrows indicate his strength of character and physical energy which gave him the endurance to pursue his goals. His cheek-line is an indication that he would reach a prominent position in society and can amass wealth.

The Martian Bulge

Mars is the God of War. From this name came the adjective martial. The Martian Bulge on a profile indicates that such a person will have all the qualities of Mars the God of War in that he will be brave, loyal, aggressive, passionate, competitive, strong in body and spirit, determined and a fighter to the end. If you have the Martian Bulge above your eyes then you will possess all these qualities and such a bulge is very noticeable in athletes like footballers and track and field athletes as well as those who are lawyers, policemen and those who chose to join the forces or have an intense desire to fight for causes or human rights issues.

When the eyebrows are thick and fleshy, their Martial qualities are further emphasized. If this Martian Bulge is marred by bumps especially between the eyes then they will have some negative qualities of Mars such as blinding rage and a nasty temper. Those who have a dark marking above the Martian Bulge tend to have an aggravated fanatical quality in them.


The Concave Face


The concave face has a dip or valley in the centre region of the face and in profile it looks like a crescent. These faces are usually concave because of an absence of the bridge of the nose or have a low nose. Generally, the cheeks are higher than the bridge of the nose. At times, the 3rd region or lower portion of the face is prominent and the chin and the jaw juts out, thus creating the valley in the centre region of the face.

Such faces indicate a person with low self-esteem who may or may not try to compensate for this by being outrageous, dominating or a bully. When the jaw or chin juts out, the person may try to compensate by being assertive, obtrusive or brutish.

When there is a pronounced dip below the eyes near the nose and a weak philtrum, this profile can also indicate a mid-life crisis. The birthdate and other features can be analysed to give an indication of the reason for the crisis and at precisely what age it will occur. 

This Facial Shape does not necessarily mean that the person cannot be successful or famous. A very good example of a famous personality with a concave face is Oprah Winfrey. Princess Di developed such a profile when she lost a great deal of weight during her bout of bulimia. 

Convex Profile


Such a profile has the tip of the nose extending forward while the bridge slopes backwards to the forehead which may also slope backwards. The philtrum (valley below the base of the nose) protrudes forward, as does the mouth and the chin drop backwards.

Such people are considered to be of above average intellect and confidence. Their prominent nose forms the mountain of their powerful profile. These people are capable of the unusual ability of abstract thoughts and vision.

Mao Tse Tung had a very convex face as does Paul Getty and also Prince Charles. However, if the chin drops too far backwards and appears greatly recessed, with a weak jaw line, then such people may have great mental abilities but they do not extend themselves to fulfil their ambitions. In such cases, when it is a man, growing a beard will enhance their Face Feng Shui.


Strong Chins and Drooping Nose Tips

When a chin is strong, it speaks of strength and moral fibre. If it protrudes forward with a fleshy mount in the centre, then such a person is passionate and can have a strong sexual urge. The more flesh the centre of the chin, the more sexually demanding the person could be.

A strong nose with a well-rounded tip denotes good business sense. But if the nose dips towards the mouth, the person will be more self-centred and shrewd in his business dealings. The lower the nose dips, the more such characteristics are enhanced.


If the nose dips excessively towards the mouth and the fleshier and more thrusting forward the chin is, then beware, for such people are totally self-gratifying and self-centred in their dealings either in business or in personal relationships. They will go to great lengths to ensure a win-win situation only for themselves and in personal relationships they demand total control and subjugation.

The ideal perfect profile will first have all 3 regions in proportion. From hairline to eyebrows, from eyebrows to the base of the nose and the base of the nose to the chin will be in equal proportion. The forehead should be smooth and slightly bulging with a gentle slope from the eyebrows to the bridge. The nose must be straight and the tip should be approximately 45° from the base. The lips should not be thin and neither the top nor bottom should overlap or extend further than the other. The chin should not protrude further than the lips and they should be gently rounded rising to an even jaw-line.


That may be the perfect profile of a developed man but it does not ensure fame and fortune, neither does it guarantee a perfectly harmonious married life. Such a profile says much for the refinement and balanced emotional make-up of the person. The nuances will be revealed by the eyes, wrinkles, moles and other telltale marks or the other features of the face.

But the most astounding revelation is when the profile of the Right side and the Left side of a face is different. It is a known fact that a person will have a preference for either side of his face. The side he prefers is what he thinks as his true self.

Indeed, the face has many facets and knowing the multi-facets of a face will give you the ability to understand and communicate effectively with one another.


Child Guidance Through Face Feng Shui

Many parents have asked me how old should a child be before they can consult me. I have always maintained that a child is never too young for a consultation as it can help the parent to better guide him, understand him, enhance his fine qualities or protect him. Certain features do not alter as a child matures. Just like the main lines on the palm, which are present right from birth, these features indicate inborn characteristics and when analysed together with the birthdate can give an insight into the child’s temperament, strengths and weaknesses.

Megan – Water Tiger - 29th October 1962 – 39 years old

Megan the Water Tiger is a nurse who needs to feel that she is accomplishing something meaningful in her life. As it is, she has her hands full looking after 2 boys and doing social work at hospitals but she feels this is not satisfying enough. Keep it going that way for the time being Megan, as the time is not right for you to venture out as there are more important things for you to focus on at this juncture.

Firstly, Megan should immediately get a check-up on the condition of her thyroids and hormonal balance. This is very obviously seen from her eyes. A condition called hyperthyroidism affects the eyes making them bulge. Sinus will also be a problem. Her eyes also indicate a person who tends to be a dreamer and an idealist who always seeks perfection. Having a vision and a desire for a perfectly organised path in life is what everyone wishes for but the reality of life can hamper or delay such desires from being realised. The age of 39 will make Megan restless and insecure. She may feel that she is wasting her time and is impatient to get down to serious nursing. This will happen when she is 40, especially in the year 2002 as it will be a very strong period for her and she will find her path clear from all obstacles then.

She wants to know the meaning of her name Megan – Megan is Welsh in origin coming from the name Margaret which in turn is a derivative of a Greek word “Margaron”. Margaron means Pearl. The hidden meaning of the name is especially significant as it suits the Water Tiger to a “T”. The name gives the sense of a strong-willed, assertive woman who wants to always be in control. Her life will entail a great deal of travel but she will never forget the friends that crossed her path. How apt this name is for this South-African born nurse.

To strengthen her aura and bring her good luck, she should wear Reds and Blues. Nursing is an ideal profession for her as she has a great desire to help people as she is very compassionate and generous. This is very evident from those big beautiful eyes.

One Plus One

Husband – 11th March 1939 (62 years old)
Wife – 27th June 1943 (58 years old)

Son-Vishendra – Fire Rabbit – 23rd July 1987 – 14 years old

Vishendra the Fire Rabbit has inherited the same eyes as his mother. He will inherit all the characteristics such eyes indicate – generosity, an open mind, compassion, intelligence and a natural and healthy curiosity about life. He may also inherit his mother’s thyroid problems and this should be seen to.

His mother says that he is not interested in his studies. From his birthdate and from the shape of his nose especially his nostrils, it is clear that Vishendra is very impatient and cannot wait to get on with life. He wants to be wealthy and famous fast and tries to take shortcuts to his dreams. He would feel tied down when told to keep to routine, preferring to be hands-on rather than memorising dates of historic events as he cannot see how history can help him get to where he wants to go, and that is – fast forward!

It is advisable not to force such a person into doing what he does not want. Not everyone is born to be an engineer or a doctor. Vishendra can become a very successful businessman. He would be a good promoter and salesperson so he should be encouraged to take up studies and skills that would prepare him for this. He has good leadership qualities and is a high achiever. Fear not for him. When he wants something, he will work hard for it!

Son-Valashan – Earth Snake – 15th February 1989 – 12 years old

Valashan the Earth Snake is calmer and more down to earth. He will be prepared to put his nose down and work very hard. He is attentive and loyal though somewhat introverted and cautious as seen by his ears.

Valashan will be very conscious of his outward appearance, taking great care with his dressing and grooming to the extent of being fussy about how his clothes are coordinated or how his hair is combed.

There is an intensity about Valashan as indicated by the way his eyebrows are straight and pressing close to his eyes and as he grows older, he will develop into a serious minded, considerate and purposeful adult. He will love his books and should be encouraged to go for a college degree.

Like his mother, Valashan may develop a problem with his sinus and this should be kept under control or he may develop a breathing problem like asthma. This is indicated in his birthdate.

The three members of the family have low set ears, indicating that life will improves as they age and all three have indications of a long life, therefore they should keep healthy.

Mother – Sophia – Wood Horse – 27th March 1954 – 47 years old

Sophia the Wood Horse is a daring and passionate person who had the ambition and dynamic energy to accomplish a great deal in her life. She would have taken great risks and gone where no woman had dared to venture in her search for her destiny.

She would have had her successes but she would have also had her share of pain and disappointments. Her mind and her pursuits in life would have been quite out of the ordinary as she has a mentality that looks for challenges especially if they were seemingly impossible to accomplish. She loves a dare and if life was plain sailing, she would become restless and bored.

Her biggest disappointments would be her emotional life and this would have aggravated the sarcastic tilt on the Dragon Side (Left Side) of her face. Her temper and defiance would have been the cause.

She would be mellow now, as her eyes have become more cautious and less trusting as they have become smaller.

But she is still very generous and kind and will not hesitate to help those in need. She can still fall for a hard luck story but has learnt not to expect Man to be totally honest or grateful.

She is wearing Red the best colour for her though Orange, Golds and Yellows are just as good. She should not be too eager to expand in her business next year.

Daughter – Jaycee – Water Dog – 8th October 1982 – 19 years old”

Jaycee the Water Dog is a level-headed and serious minded young girl who is promised a good and successful life though her youth may be a little troublesome. She should take her studies very seriously and endeavour to earn a degree. Although she is level-headed and very stable, she is also creative and has a vivid imagination. This is a powerful combination as she can, with focus, materialise her dreams but in youth, she is very impressionable.

Her mother Sophia is very important to Jaycee and is a great influence in her life. That is why I would like to highlight a crucial point.

Sophia has a cynical, defiant tilt of the Dragon (Left) side of her mouth. This means that this is an inborn trait.

Jaycee has a similar tilt to the Tiger (Right) side of her face. In Face Feng Shui, this indicates that the person develops these characteristics due to influences on her or the experiences of life’s passage. As she is so close to her mother, is her mother making Jaycee cynical and defiant about life due to her own experiences?

Parents have such a great influence on their children. The mark they have on them should never be a scar that the child has to bear for life.

Of course this may not be the case with Jaycee and Sophia but there is no harm if Sophia pauses a minute to consider this because she has a very dominant personality and can very easily influence Jaycee, who has her own personal resilience, but will never go against her mother and will do everything to accommodate and please her.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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