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Chins - The Foundation Of The Face


Chins are the Foundation of the Face. The quality of the forehead, the power of the eyes, the dominating nose or the refinement of the lips are enforced or diminished by the strength of the chin as the chin determines the force with which a person can realise the promise of the good or the bad Feng Shui of the face.

Ideal Shapes For Men and Women

The ideal chin for men is square, longer than the distance between the nose and the mouth and in line with the mouth when viewed in profile.

If the chin juts further than the level of the mouth when seen in profile, it is viewed as a forceful and determined mouth. If the chin juts sharply forward, this person is considered stubborn and excessively forceful to the point of being a bully. The further it protrudes forward, the more these characteristics are enhanced.

The ideal chin for a woman has been the most remarkable change that has taken place in these past decades and shall be the focus in this millennium. New age practitioners have realised that the age of Pisces ended around 1993 – 1997. Since then we have moved into the age of Aquarius. According to the Ghauzi principal, Aquarius is equivalent to the Tiger. In this period, which lasts for 2,000 years, great changes will take place. The Human Race will go beyond the realms of present established forms of thoughts and new frontiers will emerge ready for the conquest of the Human Race.

Space travel and the speed of communications, will challenge the speed of light, and this will be the focus of our main attention. But the most significant change will be the role Women will play. With the advent of genetic engineering and human cloning, even her role as Mother and the pod which carries the seed of Mankind hangs in the balance. To us, it is as yet inconceivable, but  then once, Man thought that the world was flat!

This frightening possibility is quite viable nowadays by the preferred shape of the chin and even jaw-lines of women!

Adrogueose looking chins and jaw-lines were viewed as coarse and unattractive even in the Post War era but nowadays it is a much sought after look.

As cheekbones become more pronounced and broad, bold foreheads are bared, the chiselled square-cut chins act as a perfect balance to the Feng Shui of a woman’s face.

Maria Shriver - Square chin and jaw-line balances her broad forehead

Jennifer Aniston - Her chiselled chin complements her full face and strong nose

Julianne Moore  - Strong cheekbones accented by soft angle of the chin

What it really indicates is that women are striving to strike out as independent individuals ready to take full responsibility for their lives and action. It is a silent, subtle revolution happening below our very noses and it’s time we realise its implications.


Less Desirable Chin Shapes

Chins that are short, recessive or very pointed are not considered a favourable base for a face.

A narrow and pointed chin weakens the energy of a face and can indicate a difficult, lonely old age especially if there is a mole anywhere in the centre line of the chin when drawn from the tip of the nose.


Michael J. Fox - He is stricken by Parkinson’s Disease in early life

Broad, round chins belong to people who are generous, warm and easygoing but they can be bossy and authoritative if the chin juts out.
A long chin with a square tip indicates a person who is obstinate, emotionally erratic and tends to take risks.


Marks and Moles

Pads that are seen under the mouth and over the chin reveal a toughness and resilience in a person. It can show determination and great perseverance.

Demi Moore 

A cleft chin can give you an inkling that such a person will enjoy the spotlight.  You will notice that many in the entertainment industry will have such a cleft. If someone around you has such a cleft then you can be sure that that person has a great need to be loved and admired. 

Jon Bon Jovi – Cleft Chin

Clefts that run down the side of the chin bring a magnetism to the face which enhances Love Energy or Chi. It can be the same for a man or woman and indicates sexual maturity.

Tom Selleck – Magnetic Cleft

Elizabeth Hurley – Magnetic Cleft

Moles on the chin for women were never looked upon favourably by ancient face analysts because they indicated strong energy especially of the sexual nature and was contrary to the desired qualities for a demure wife. But nowadays times have changes and women are encouraged to enhance the moles they have on their chins or Venus Mounts, as they are referred to, they should wear them with pride.

However, any moles running down the centre of the chin from the bottom lip to the base should be removed as they indicate a difficult and lonely old age.

The prize of all moles is one that is situated on the chin, except in the centre, with hair sprouting from it. This indicates wisdom and respect in old age. But beware those with only 5 hairs growing from it as this is the mark of a proverbial letch, Mr Goh Kee Chew!


KKP – Metal Boar – 14th July 1970 (31 years old)

KKP has a deep, broad, rounded chin which turns sharply at the jaws to rise towards the ear.

This is a classic example of a generous, warm-hearted person who is authoritative, determined and focused. As the lower portion of the face is longer, stronger and more prominent than the rest of the face then these characteristics will be dominant.

My concern is that KKP can be too assertive and even too pushy at times when she wants her way,  to the point of being unreasonable.

Her eyebrows indicate someone who finds it difficult to make up her mind. That could be the case when she is young but when she decides she will make sure that she will get what she wants.

She has an easygoing character and can be easy to get on with but do not be fooled. She is not a pushover this Metal Boar and she will promptly put you in your place if you get out of line, especially if she is in charge.

Greens, Creams and Purples are her best colours and though last year was a good year for her, she should be cautious and more controlled after she turns 31.

As she matures, she must not forget to relax and not become too demanding on herself and those associated with her in relationships or in her career.

Ng – Fire Tiger – 7th April 1986 (15 years old)

Madam WC Ng the mother of Ng the Fire Tiger has written to me for advise as to whether her son should remove his 2 moles situated on the Dragon Side of his face, close to his mouth.

A face will have the 2 Life or Laughter Lines that run from the side of the nostrils and down towards the mouth. These lines are very important in gauging the success a person may attain in life.

If the mole is on the side of line below the nostrils then it can be read as influencing the age of 55. If the mole is on the other side of the line then it affects the age of 67.

If any of the moles are on the Life or Laughter Lines then it should be removed immediately as it shows a hindrance to life and success.

With Ng, if the mole is not on the Life Line then he should retain it as it is a mole which will confirm that his age of 55 will be successful. The other mole which is on the other side of the Life Line should be removed as it shows a problem or the onset of a health problem at the age of 67.

Ng is a sensitive, introverted boy with a tendency to become depressive. Should he feel so strongly about the moles that he has developed a complex about them then remove them. If his mother can persuade him to keep the mole above the mouth then that would be perfect.

Sometimes you cannot avoid your Karma and a mole that has been removed will grow again.

But as Ng is at this very sensitive and impressionable age of 15,  his mother should try to relieve him of any further stress or hang-ups.

Paulus D – Wood Sheep – 2nd March 1955 (46 years old)

Paulus D has written to ask my analysis of himself and his wife. He wants me to be as frank as possible as he wishes to know his strengths and his weaknesses so as to improve on it and work towards attaining a harmonious life. This is a very positive way to view any analysis or predictions and I shall endeavour to do my best for him and his wife.

Paulus D is a sensitive and rather private person. He may mask his stress and impatient nature very well as seen by his controlled lip line but it will undoubtedly find its way of expression somehow. Sometimes it will appear as skin eruptions or other allergic reaction. He is a religious person and seeking solace through his spiritual beliefs will help him find peace of mind. The ages of 40 and 41 could have been trying for him but he would have recovered very quickly and would have gone from strength to strength due to his grit and resilience. His chin and jaw-line speaks of this.

However, he can be too stern and fussy and demands to be obeyed at all times. His moustache grows too sparsely around the philtrum (the valley below the nose) and seems not to cover it. This shows a weakness and a possible midlife crisis. I would advise Paulus D to shave off his moustache especially if he does not have any children.

Wife - Sofia M – Fire Rooster – 10th December 1957 (44 years old)

Sofia M is a firm, honourable, generous, religious though easily stressed person. She is proud and private and cannot accept criticism of any kind except from those she respects. Her level of tolerance of people in general is very short and this may cause her to have difficulty in getting along with colleagues, friends and relatives. This is observed in her eyes and short nose. She should learn to be less self-centred and more compromising. Her eyes also indicate that she has not achieved or fulfilled her destiny.

Both Paulus D and Sofia M will be successful in life as they are hardworking, reliable and conscientious.  Dealing with money, import/export and pharmaceutical products will be good for them.

Both their horoscopes indicate that they love music and share other common interests and can do very well away from the country of their birth. Indeed, they are very compatible for each other.

Their best colours are Grey, Purple, Brown and Turquoise.

To achieve harmony, they should communicate intimately with each other and not be afraid to bare their souls or become truthful and honest with each other especially about their inner desires, dreams, pains and grievances. This may lead to fights initially but it will enable them to clear the air and reach a better understanding and deeper love for each other.

Being totally honest in marriage is never easy because the truth can be brutal to the relationship. But every step takes the relationship to a truer and deeper level of maturity.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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