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Aging Gracefully With Dignity


The search for eternal youth has been at the forefront of much research. More money is spent on this than any other disease such as Alzheimer’s Disease, until the former US President Reagan brought it to the forefront when he was stricken by it.

However, there is no harm in trying your level best to retain your youthfulness in your appearance because our society is hung-up on a youth complex influenced by advertisements and television programmes like Baywatch.

So if you capture the grace of aging, you will never panic when you reach the critical ages of mid-life.

Age brings with it the aura of experience and calm and this is very attractive and alluring. In this money-driven, success-at-all-cost world that we live in, being in the presence of someone who is in touch with himself having gone the full circle, can be a balm to the scorch.

One of the shinning stars of Hollywood’s Galaxy of the 20’s was a Swedish beauty called Greta Garbo. She is a legend. Her enigmatic personality and style was something women all over the world emulated. But those who knew and wrote about her revealed a highly sensual but spiritually mean woman who was afraid of commitment and sharing and would not lift a finger to help those she could very well have saved from death like Mauritz Stiller who discovered and launched her in America and John Gilbert who she left at the altar 3 times and who assaulted the Hollywood Power God Louis B. Mayer because he called her a “Swedish slut”. Because of this assault, Gilbert was never hired again by Mayer and Garbo didn’t lift a finger to help.

Her weakness is shown by her thin upper lips and the dip of her cupid brow that reached down to her lower lip. As she aged, her lips grew thinner and drooped even lower.

She was very wealthy till she died at age 84 but as she aged, she would never let the world see her aging face. She hid behind big dark glasses and a scarf. She died a bitter recluse and was reputed to be so stingy that she would measure her soap bar to control the use of it by her servants.


John Travolta


Causing a revolution in the mid 70’s with Saturday Night Fever was John Travolta. His lean angular face and arrogant strut stole the hearts of women and created envy among men.

Keeping that image got him nowhere as he sashayed into his 30’s as that look was passé wit the fickle public. He put on weight, grew a jowl and allowed the contentment of marriage and family life soften his contemptuous, flirtatious eyes and behold, the world accepted this person again who had the aura of a peaceful satisfied angel. The goodness radiates from his eyes and was restored to the position of the Darling of the Silver Screen in roles in films of a supernatural or metaphysical nature like Michael and Phenomenon.

A mid-life crisis or the Seven Year Itch is a phenomenon when a man or woman looks at growing old with panic. Men start buying fast sports cars and look for younger women to rejuvenate them while women crash through doors of Plastic Surgeons and Weight Reduction Salons.

In doing this, they disrupt the peaceful, gracious Feng Shui that age bestows upon them and instead bring them ridicule and scorn. Can this be conducive to inner peace and happiness?

However, there is definitely no need to accelerate the onset of aging by being careless of one’s appearance or allow one’s hair to grow completely white and add to one’s age, or use the excuse that one is old and therefore one can get fat. Allowing this to happen is acknowledging that life was not a success and Death is a welcomed escape. Age has a great responsibility to the youth of today who crave role models to work towards to.

Opting out when you are 55 is a coward’s way to completing life’s journey. Being healthy gives a radiance and electrifying chi to a face and the etchings of wrinkles of a still clear skin tells the story of a fulfilled life.

Wear this with pride and be the anchor of your world no matter how big or how small it is because the way you cope with the acceptance of aging will be the guiding star that reassures those around you who are themselves in fear of the one thing in life that is for certain and that is to grow old.

Elegance and Self-assuredness

Julia Roberts admits being a late developer and a fashion rebel when she was younger. At 22 when she became a star in Steel Magnolias, she shinned style for comfort and it showed in every way. Her face was thinner and did not have the aura of wealth and success. As she blossomed, she put on weight and her face became fuller and more beautiful.

When younger, her eyes were unsure and her thin, long neck added to a Feng Shui of an insecure future. As she aged and developed, she gathered about her a mental of confidence and an elegant calm and at her triumph at the recent Oscars, she was a resplescent adult who had come to terms with herself and was confident in her accomplishments.

When a person ages, there are a few significant changes to the face that indicates the changes within a begin. Most noticeable, the eyes will shed its wide-eyed innocence of youth’s gullibility. As age and gravity creep upon us, so does the reality and experiences of life. We become more discerning, measured and sadly, less trusting as seen in the narrowing of the eyes.

The tip of the nose droops towards the mouth to indicate that we become more self-protective and self-concerned. This is not altogether a bad thing. 

Earlobes also hang longer with age and this is due to the weight of wisdom that we have learnt with the passing of experiences.

Lips begin to thin and droop and they tell the story of what hopes and dreams matured into. Bitterness develops into thin, tight drooping lips but contentment will always wear a smile on a relaxed albeit thinner mouth.

But most important are the myriad of wrinkles especially around the lips as these are the etchings of life’s tragedies or successes.

The ideal are laughter or like lines that run way down the side of the mouth and it indicates success and self-accomplishment.

Lines that go past the mouth with another line drooping from the corner of the mouth and ending at the chin area shows a person who has accomplished greatness and has great vision.

Only one laughter line or broken laughter lines speak of unhappiness, or a person who has not or cannot reach his complete ambitions.

If laughter lines veer to the cheeks, they indicate a person who is not bothered or overly concerned about great achievement and can be a dilettante.

16th June 1952 – 49 years old

Jasmine is 49 and she is moving into a good period now. The year 2001 will still have some problems but her age will allow her to overcome any obstacles.

In this millennium, at 49, a woman is not considered to have spent her life force therefore she should never consider herself to be “old already” as many have told me. With modern medicine and various new methods, a woman can be as timeless as she allows herself to be. For that reason, Jasmine must be encouraged to take better care of her appearance. For a start, she should get a new hairdo as, especially for older women, the hair can give you the aura of elegance that age must portray.

Having a Funky hairstyle is O.K. for Tina Turner but a matured woman in business, Mutton dressing up as a Lamb can look ridiculous. So choose an easy to manage, well-groomed hairstyle for yourself, Jasmine.

Jasmine should take pride in her appearance because there is a whole exciting life waiting for her to live and it would be a waste if she has programmed her mind to succumb to the archaic thought that turning 50 is old!

Her jaw line indicates that she can be a good and dependable person and if she is in her own business, the decade of 50’s should prove to be a very rewarding time. However, I would also advise Jasmine to take good care of her health, especially her kidneys and colon.

For good luck, wear White, Light Blue and Dark Blue. Avoid Grey at all cost.

One Plus One

Husband – 11th March 1939 (62 years old)
Wife – 27th June 1943 (58 years old)

The Husband  - 62 years old

This Earth Tiger has a dual personality and both are intense and passionate. He is flamboyant, aggressive and possessive. On the other hand, he is also very emotional, sensitive, moody and can take offence very easily. One will never know how his mood swings as anything can provoke an outbreak. One second he can be ranting and raving and the next he can even break down in tears.

If he has an advantage over a person, he will dominate. But stand up to him and he will be compliant. He has a bad temper and a short fuse so I can imagine him terrifying his while family with it.

However, he is kind and is soft inside. He suffers within him when he causes hurt but he will never show it. To reach him, take the soft approach and always choose your moments. Do not try to challenge him or argue with him when he is raging. Catch him when he has cooled down.

This Fire Goat has what is called Wolf-Eyes. These eyes have the white showing below the iris and they look as if they are floating in the white of the eyes.

Ancient face analysis call these “homely eyes” but little do they realise the inner conflict that rages in their souls. On top of that, these wolf-eyes droop downwards and this indicates a sad, depressive and self-pitying nature 

At 58, this Fire Goat has lived in the shadow of a more dominating presence but she has endured. And though she wrote to say that she is unwell and has no wealth, she has a sweetness and softness around her mouth area that indicates that she is not bitter about her life and she has an inner quality of goodness that must make her loved by many even though she might not realise it.

A sweetness and softness around the mouth area

With such a horoscope, the Heart and Blood related problems can occur and she is advised to take life easy and not to get too stressed out and impatient. She is moving to a new house soon and the number 48 is a good number for her and her husband. Prosperity and family stability is shown with such a number.

Agent Scully
17th December 1958

Agent Scully is going to be 43 this year and when I look at his picture I see an intelligent, imaginative person who has had great dreams and visions of success and adventure but due to a trick of fate, was robbed of his dreams.

He has a strong Martian bulge over his eyebrows that indicate his competitive, daring nature that could have made him a sportsman in his youth. The pointed tips of the top of his ears show his sharp, almost intuitive intelligence and his nose indicates his ability to succeed. But his eyes are angry.

Contrary to ancient beliefs, nowadays when a person carries a lot more weight than he should, it does not indicate prosperity but it indicates that food and drinks could have been used to compensate for an inner problem. Insecurities and failures seek refuge in food and drink and this inner battle can begin a ravaging vicious cycle. Because when one binges, one feels guilty about one’s figure. So if you are trapped this way, seek help before you get to the point when it’s difficult to pull yourself out of it.

But not everyone who is overweight has this problem as hormonal imbalances and other illnesses can also cause unnatural weight gains.

But coming back to Agent Scully, at a young age of 43, he has to address his weight problem urgently. In Face Feng Shui, having a double chin indicates a person who goes to excess and has no self-control and this is a flaw.

So my advice to Agent Scully is to lose weight, if this is not due to a health problem, and make a great effort to realise your dreams and ambitions. You have strong Face features as well as a good horoscope. Don’t waste it!



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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