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Don't Fall In Love (Until You Know The Person Within)

In the years of practise, one question keeps on being asked by many – “ What type of person should I marry?”. There is no one particular type that can make a person the right mate. Love is a malicious chemical reaction that can make a slave of anyone. It is a sudden bolt of lightning that blends two souls together-for better or for worst. But if you can, for just a second, clear your mind from the intoxicating heady magic of love’s energy to look behind the face and glimpse the person within. This can prevent you from surrendering yourself to the blinding power of a dangerous love. 

There are many faults and drawbacks in anyone as no person is perfect , but there are certain characteristics that are very difficult to deal with. Many feel that they have the strength to change the person they love and make them overcome their negative or dark side. But frankly,  how many actually have the strength or patience to tolerate it. How often can you be lied to or bashed up in the sweet name of love. So before you walk down that road, take a good look at your love.

Apart from the real criminal type, certain traits should alert you to the person you intend to share your marriage bed with and have children with. Aggression, dishonesty, lasciviousness cruelty and meanness can make married life a torture either physically or mentally. Face Feng Shui allows you to see the real person behind the visage.

Aggression and Violence.

Physical violence is not uncommon, neither is it reserved against women. Some women can be just as viciously violent.

When you see a person with a violent aggressive face you can immediately identify it. The face is rough, the jaw line is square and the chin juts out and the hair growth on the head, eyebrows and jaw is strong, dark and profuse. The hairline is jagged and uneven and the forehead is generally narrow.

The subtler signs of aggression are more difficult to decipher.



Bushy, straight or knife-shaped eyebrows indicate a passionate, cruel and decisive person with little compassion. 

Knife Shaped Eyebrows

 If the beginning begins with a “pass” mark, the cruelty and the explosive reaction is emphasised. This shape is more common in women. When the eyebrows meet in the middle then jealousy can give rise to the violence.


Left (Dragon ) side eyebrows that resembles a “pass” mark. This indicates a latent aggressive character.



Those with hooded snake-eyes that stare coldly at you dispassionately can be as cold and unfeeling when they vent their displeasure either physically, verbally or emotionally. They can methodically torture a person by their indifference or their violence. Merciless, they take pleasure in the pain and subjugation they meter out. These eyes are the most dangerous.

Steely Eyes


Deep set, extremely narrow eyes shows a maliciousness that can turn violent and aggressive if there are other accompanying traits like bushy over hanging eyes brows. Difficult to communicate with and thee extremely introverted, they are like volcanoes ready to erupt. 

Deeply maliciously men and women who will not stop at being violent even though it may verge on being criminal-have a squint  in the right eye accompanying these mentioned eye formation.  Do not provoke such people.



Noses that are have oversized bulbulous tips are easily provoke into aggression and violence. If the tip is red, purple or excessively oily the tendency is emphasised.


Gerard Depardieu who admits on TV “ If I hadn’t become an actor I would have been a killer”  

Hooked or aquiline noses are renowned for cruelty. This character is made worst if the ridge is bony and the tip dips down towards the mouth.  They can be cruel either emotionally or even physically.  

Such noses with nostrils that are winged upwards indicate a sinister bent to their nature.



When the lower lips over-hang the upper lip, you can be certain of a nastiness in such a person. They can be verbally abusive in the mildest form to aggressively violent at worst. This character is further emphasized if the chin juts out and the jaw line is square and brutish. Uncompromising, combative and confrontational, their heartlessness promises tears and pain.



Protruding lower lip


Crooked smiles, crooked, pale and thin lips belong to the cold-hearted villain whose cruelty knows no boundaries. Be wary of such like especially if they smile without revealing their teeth.

When you notice a smile which reveals only the bottom row of teeth or large incisors on the upper row, then you should realise that you are dealing with a stubborn person who can make your life a misery as they won’t change and think that they are always right.

Bulbous nose and thin pale upper lips that shows 2 big incisors.


Ungenerous and Meanness

A mean and ungenerous heart can prevent a relationship from blossoming into something beautiful. 

It is not just ignoring the imploring look of a starving stray animal or shooing off a beggar that constitutes a mean person. Meanness is being calculative in deeds, love and the giving of oneself to another. A mean person will not sacrifice his or her comfort for another person. In a marriage, this generosity in times of crisis either binds the marriage or destroys it.

Thick over-hanging eyebrows and pointed upper tip of ears. He was Hitler’s Deputy and Private Secretary who were accused of deserting and being disloyal to Hitler by trying to negotiate a German-British relation for a successful war against The Soviet Union and Bolshevism.


The general look of a mean and ungenerous person in one who has a long, angular, bony face with sunken cheeks. The subtler give-aways  are those who have drooping eye-lids, thick triangle eye-brows, extremely thin pale lips and thin noses that dip down towards the mouth and such people can be harbouring devastating meanness in their hearts.

Looks at their ears, if the top is thin and pointed and the notch is narrow then such people will not be givers but takers and when times are tough, they will be unwilling to take the rough graciously but make it even more difficult by their blames and bad temper. Such people will even abandon you if someone else comes along who can offer them something better.

Thin notch in ears


To ensure that the bond of marriage endures, great compromise on both parties are necessary but certain ingrained characteristics cannot be compromised. Besides aggression, violence and meanness that can be deciphered in a face, traits like liciviousness, dishonesty and other negative attitudes can be apparent in various features of the face and will be dealt with in the following issue of Face Feng Shui. But you must not jump to a hasty conclusion is you spot one negative feature. Whenever accessing a face at least three features must be present for you to form an opinion. In the balance of things God has been kind and will always give a redeeming feature to salvage the face. For example Gerard Depardieu has a gentle eyes and smile.


YSH , 3-8-81                    


This Metal Rooster will indeed rule the rooster! Fussy, meticulous and utterly dominating, she will make a good employee or employer but I pity her hen-pecked husband! 

She is totally oblivious to her stifling nature, always thinking that she does is for the best of those she is in charge of but she has to be made to realise that others can resent her oppressive nature. 

She is the epitome of kindness and benevolence, ready to help at the faintest cry for assistance but once she is involved, she cannot let go.

YSH should learn to control this nature of hers which will make her unhappy in the end. The principals of the Yin / Yang theory is Balance. Even in the Yang part there is a spot of Yin- this ensures harmony. So should it be in life. Excesses upset the balance.

If YSH can learn when to back off and stop when she has reached her limits, she can live a happy, successful life.

There is great promise shown in her face to attain a position of respect and good fortune and she should never loose heart.

The past years would have been good for YSH but the year 2002 will be difficult. But she will overcome it by perseverance and her strength of character.

For good luck, wear gold, yellow, grey and green.




ROSE , 17-1-57


Monkeys are attributed with wisdom and good business sense and this is apparent with Rose the Fire Monkey. The age of 43 would have been troublesome according to her horoscope but her face indicates that the decade of 40’s would be fruitful for her. 

As a whole, she has a  fortunate and harmonious face. The only weakness is shown in her faint eyebrows ( focusing on the ages of 31-34 ). Her eyebrows indicate a fragility of health and a drawback that happened at 34 that would have prevented her from attaining her hearts desire.

Rose should do very well in areas concerning books, studies or research. She will also have an acute perception in the stock market and can do well there. However I would advice Rose to put more emphasis in more long term stocks and keep her profits in land and property. 

Always anxious of the future, she will be a methodical planner only to find that all her best-laid plans will be tossed aside by the waves of Fate that clouds her life. She is what is called a “ Child of Fate” and luckily for her, she is a Fortunate Child of Fate. Therefore she should not worry too much.

Wearing Blues and Blacks will bring her stability. She should use less yellow gold.


NGSS ,  7-2-73


You are looking at the eyes of a very secretive person who keeps his thought and feelings to himself. He is sensitive and also quite imaginative but few will get to know what lies in his heart.

This is not a healthy state of being as it can isolate this Water Ox, making him a loner.

As he is sensitive, he is easily hurt and can carry this burden of hurt for a long, long time. As he remembers, he can secretly plan a way to get even and will carry it through given the chance.

Stoic and persistent, NGSS can do well in Accounting, banking and other areas of Financial Management. He wants to be left alone to do his work without interference, therefore,  self-employment is what he will eventually aim for.

Marriage is an important step for him in his life and he will choose his bride carefully but if things do not go as he anticipated it would, he will not have any confrontation, which is something he abhors, but he could very easily carry on a dual life.

A conscientious worker, he should be advised to be patient if things do not go too smoothly for him at work this year. Things will change for the better next year when he is 29 years old.

Avoid the colours Grey and Green.


DARK ANGEL , 5-4-76


Dark Angel the Fire Dragon is indeed a restless explosive character that is constantly wandering in search for an illusive dream.

His choice of name “Dark Angel” is sinister but it shows another side of his nature. Although he is seemingly easy going and adaptable, the shape of his face which an “Air” shape indicates a deeply suspiciously nature. He doubts everything and everybody even himself!

This suspicious nature of his emphasised by his eyebrows will cause him a great deal of heartaches in matters of love. Unable to trust, he could become possessive and keep his loved one a prisoner. He has to bring balance to himself in this area. A great deal of self-control and some painful experiences will be his teacher.

There are times when the right choice of a life partner can help a person to calm down and become more settled. This can happen to Dark Angel.  Dark Angel will be attracted to glamorous fun loving women but this will be a mistake. His priority when choosing someone to settle down with should be someone who is patient, compassionate and stable who can act as an anchor to his turbulent soul.

Choose the right one and you will prosper. When you prosper, become contented and put on some weight, then you will feel inwardly at peace with life.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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