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Don't Fall In Love (Until You Know The Person Within)
Part 2

Marriage is a threatened institute. The rigours of our life-style with the necessity of both parents having to work to meet the bills and liberated morals put tremendous pressure on the “death do us part” idea of marriage. Broken marriages spawning confused, emotionally scared children are the fraying threads of many societies. Therefore, a firm commitment that the marriage must endure has to be the criteria when a decision to marry is made. Though the choice of the person you spend your entire life-time with cannot be made on a premeditated, calculated decision, knowing the inner person is more important than knowing his or her dislikes in food, clothing or music. Certain characteristics of a person can be dealt with successfully if it can be perceived and others are ingrained and impossible to alter.

For any relationship to last there has to be mutual trust and respect in areas of Finances and Fidelity. The face can be trusted to reveal the truth in these areas.

Dishonesty in a Face

The general rule is that an honest face is a straight face where the nose, lips and chin is well aligned in a straight line. A crooked nose especially one with a hook or beak-like quality is never to be trusted.

A crooked mouth is one to be wary of and a chin that is pulled to one side is never a good sign of a straight person especially if it is accompanied by a crooked mouth or nose, unless it has been stricken by an illness.

The assumption of dishonesty is further compounded if the chin has a cleft in it as this indicates that the person can be dishonest and malicious enough to dispose of any competition that stands in his or her way.

Oklahoma City Bomber: Facial features not aligned


Another indication of a person that is not to be trusted is one whose head is too big in comparison to the whole body.



The eyebrows can indicate the basic character. It indicates refinement, passion and temperament of a person. It can indicate how far he or she will allow any emotions to develop. The stronger and bushier the eyebrows the more intense any emotion can become. The lighter the eyebrows or the finer they are the less intense the personality and characteristics.



Eyes are the most revealing feature of the inner soul.

Hooded eyes conceal a mind with devious or depraved thoughts. Beware such eyes, which are termed as “Cobra Eyes”. Such people can make the hair at the nape of your neck stand. They can be calculating on how they can get the better of you or they might be undressing you in their mind, which ever it is, they will immediately send signals of uneasiness even to the least suspecting!

Hooded cobra eyes. A cannibalistic serial killer


Eyes that curve upwards from the bridge of the nose towards the temples belong to those who are calculative, vicious, jealous and self-centered in their every move. They can be sensual and charming but their motives are suspect. These are called Fox Eyes.

Fox Eyes


If you are the jealous type, stay away from those with Half-Moon eyes or Bedroom eyes because even though they will not necessarily be unfaithful, they are very flirtatious and can send out invisible messages of sensuality that can attract many to them like bees to a honey pot. Half Moon eyes are those whose lower lids rise upwards to form a crescent. When such eyes combine with Fox Eyes, then they can torture the ones who love them by flirting outrageously just to stimulate jealousy and cause pain for the person who loves them.

Bedroom Eyes. Early 20th century actress who drove her husband to murder an admirer in the famous “Trial of the Century"


If the outer corner of the eyes over-laps the top to the bottom, then such a person will not be bound to the commitment of the marriage vows “till death do us part” and will not hesitate to move on to another relationship if the one he or she is in does not prove satisfactory.

Overlapping eyes corner


To expect the truth or an honest reply from someone who has small, narrow, beady, watery eyes are totally impossible. Some with such eyes have trained themselves to look you straight in the eye while telling you a blatant lie, but usually, they cannot hold a gaze and tend to be shifty eyed. Such people can be treacherous, conniving and secretive as well.

Beady eyes

On the other end of the scale, do not trust anyone with excessively large eyes that bulge. Their greed can make them dishonest.

When crow’s feet form prematurely before age 40, at the end of the eyes and extend towards the temple, it is a sign that such a person can easily be adulterous. If there is an accompanying mole on the lip or if such a person has Bed-Room eyes, then a strong sexual drive can be the reason. If such a person has narrow Fox-Eyes and thin lips, then being adulterous can be their way to seek revenge.

A strong sex drive is indicated by drooping Bed-Room eyes, a large nose tip, voluptuous lips, s strong jaw line and a fleshy chin, but the person may not be adulterous or unfaithful unless there is another feature that indicates a lack of self-control, a vengeful nature or a greedy trait that uses sex for self gain. Being sexy is not immoral, being unfaithful is.

Immortality is indicated by other traits like loosely drooping lower eyelids or smiles that expose the upper and lower gums.

Smiling to expose upper gums and with top lips that lacks the sensitive “V”


The Nose

The nose speaks of the ability to be successful and the moral fibre of a person. Therefore the height, length, shape, straightness and tip are taken in consideration when making an assessment.

As mentioned, a crooked nose indicates crooked intensions but other nuances like upwardly flared nostrils reveal other characteristics like impatience and viciousness. However, the tip can reveal important clues, like a cleft nose tip indicates someone who has difficulty to commit to long term relationships and an excessively large bulge can hint at an uncontrollable sex drive. So the nose has to be examined carefully.

Cleft Nose Tip


Upturned noses, especially in women, reveal a lack of will in matters of love, and pinched nostrils can point towards a person who is a risk taker and can be drawn towards any form of gambling.

A nose type that indicates a suspicious and treacherous nature is a nose that resembles a “snow-ski jump”. It is low slung and acutely pointed at the tip. Owners of such noses are prying and “nosey” which make their suspicious nature dangerous and not conducive to a harmonious marriage. They will always pry and spy into the goings- on of their spouses. The more pointed the nose tip and the lower it dips, the more suspicious and sly the person is.

Low Slung Nose



The generosity of a person is measured by the lushness of a person lips, but if the top lip is thicker, as much as twice the thickness of the lower lips, then such a person is a glib, silken tongued talker and his or her words must never be taken at face value. The more the top lip protrudes from the lower lip, the more accomplished a liar the person is.

Full fleshy lips are sexy but if the lower lip spreads outwards revealing more soft membrane and there is a cleft in the lower lip, this can indicate an unusually heightened sexual nature. If the lips cannot close even in repose, then a lack of self-control in this area is indicated.

Fleshy, spreading lower lip

Red lips are sensual, but if such lips are constantly moist and loosely hanging open, the more dangerous is the sensuality because they indicate a total lack of self-control.


Chin and Jaw Line

The stronger the chin and jaw line is, the more determined, stubborn and forceful the character.

Three dimensionally jutting out fleshy chins belong to those with a strong sex drive. Such chins are fleshy enough for one to grasp. This is not necessarily a negative point, but for compatibility, their partners must have the sexual energy to match theirs if the marriage is to be successful. This characteristic is accentuated if the lobes of the ears are short or non-existent.

Fleshy Chin

When analysing a face for traits of dishonesty, aggressiveness or unfaithfulness, just zeoring in to one feature alone can be a grave mistake. To confirm a trait, at least two or three features must be present for an accurate analysis. For example, Jennifer Love Hewitt has Half Moon flirtatious eyes, but her delicate sensitive air shaped face and fine eye brows indicate that she is sensitive and will not knowingly hurt the one she loves or embarrass him by being openly flirtatious.

Another point to note when making an analysis is to find out if the feature has been distorted by an illness, as this can alter the analysis and also affect the Feng Shui of the Face. For example, a person who has had a facial paralysis cause by a stroke or Bells Palsey can result in a crooked mouth and smile. Though it can change the Feng Shui of the Face, it cannot be considered as a feature indicating dishonesty.



To answer the question “Whom should I marry” is never straight forward, but being aware of certain difficult characteristics in a person can assist you in avoiding making a bad mistake, which can affect you as well as the children you bring to the world. Love is blind but it is not foolish. Love can overcome many difficulties of a married life but certain traits like violence, dishonesty and the lack of moral fibre are hard to overcome. So if you glimpse it in the person within, think twice before you make the important commitment of marriage.


Oteks ; Wood Snake

12-4-65 ( 36 years old )

This Wood Snake has a very complex character. He is a decisive, action orientated person who has a sensitive ego that cannot take criticisms or defeat easily. His face shape is that of a creative individual who needs inspiration to give his best.

Success will come to him but his ambition is so limitless that he will never realize when enough is enough. That will be his undoing. He has to know his limits. This is apparent in his nose tip which is large, but his nose also indicates that he will do very well from the age of 45 to 48.

The feature that stands out most in his face is his small mouth. A mouth is considered small when the width is shorter than the measurement of the center of one eye to the center of the other. People with small mouths are private and rather introverted. They find difficulties expressing their deep feelings or turning for help or advise from others. They tend to keep things bottled up which is not always the best thing to do. Oteks’ introverted nature can be misconstrue as arrogance but it is not entirely true.

He tends to be shy especially around the opposite sex but that does not mean that he is not passionate, on the contrary, he can be exceptionally demonstrative in private.

The age of 36 and 37 are good ages for Oteks though I would warn him to expand this year but consolidate next year. Wear Yellow, Purple, Gold and Brown for good energy in business.


Kim ; Metal Dog

5-12-70 ( 31 years old )

Having a big family is never easy on the mind and the pocket. Kim the Metal Dog has four children and it is no wonder she finds it difficult to save.

Another thing is that the joys of motherhood is unmatched, but with this joy, one must forfeit ones ambitions and dreams  that one has because motherhood is a full time job. It would be unkind for me to point out to Kim that she is unrealistic about her life and aspirations but that is apparent when one examines her face, especially her eye brows, that are very high when measured against the top of her ears.

For the moment, Kim must shelve her personal dreams and be practical about her state of affairs. This is the time when she has to focus her attention on raising and imparting good strong moral values on her young family. In her life-time, her pride and satisfaction will come from her family and children.

But Kim can start planning to start up her own business someday as her horoscope does speak of being a business person. She should make a good trader, negotiation, salesperson and dealer. Music, pharmaceutical items, seafood, import and export of any of these products will suite her. Beauty and beauty products are also compatible. But I do not advice her to start off on her own till she is 34 years old or even later.

To advice her on the exact time a more comprehensive analysis has to be done. For the time being, concentrate on what’s in hand and try to be the best wife and mother before embarking on the next stage of your life. Success is promised, so be patient.

Kim must remember to avoid wearing diamonds at all time as this will make her nervous, impatient and very stressed out.


Shin ; Water Ox

6-3-73 ( 28 years old )

Shin is a romantic Water Ox who has a quick temper. He is impatient and abrupt in manner and speech and should mind his spoken word at all times to create better harmony in life.

Charming and creative at best, he can lure a bird from the tree when he wants to. Therefore dealing with people would be best for him.

Although Shin can handle his career with little problem, his emotional life can be a different matter. As a lover of all things beautiful, his head turns whenever a pretty woman passes by. Being his girlfriend would be quite a stress for anyone.

His lips are that of a sensual, inventive lover and “ Casanova” would be an apt pseudonym for him. Until he settles down, Shin will enjoy his freedom and will not hesitate to experiment.

This however does not mean that he cannot fall in love, the problem is that he falls in love all the time and cannot decide who to choose.

If Shin is rejected he will hurt for a long time and those scars can remain as he has a tender heart. Therefore Shin has to be reminded that others can be sensitive too so he must be caring in his dealings in love, business and with friends or family. He should wear grey and turquoise to enhance his love energy.


Capri ; Water Snake

7-1-54 ( 47 years old )

Capri has a typical Snake character in that he is secretive and keeps much of what he does close to his chest. But unlike the Snake, he can be very daring and can allow his emotions to get out of control. These particular traits could land him in trouble and this could have taken place when he was 34 as his eyebrows are somewhat weak and his birth date also confirms it.

If Capri had tapped into his Snake qualities, he would have become wise from that experience. If he didn’t, then at age 43 he would have to face another problematic year.

Studying his face, two features point to character draw -backs that have to be rectified. Firstly, the tip of his nose is “pinched” and his nostrils are narrow. This indicates a person who is drawn to games of chance like gambling and quick gain speculations. Coupled with his birth date, he could become addicted to it. He must address this problem urgently if it does exist with him as he cannot profit from it.

Secondly, the indents at the corners of his mouth speaks of a person who cannot delegate or share responsibilities. This characteristic will add stress to Capri and can cause problems in his work area. He has to open up, be more transparent and share the load at work.

To improve his luck, he should avoid wearing Greys and Yellows and use more Blues and Whites especially on the upper part of the body. Dark blue and Black is also good.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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