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Knowing Your Child Through Face Feng Shui

From birth, certain features can indicate fundamental characteristics of your child that can help you care for and guide him through his formative years. Intelligent, level headed nurturing of an infant and a child will inculcate sound, character building guidance for him which can enable him to overcome insecurities and behavioural disorders. Using fear tactics to induce obedience or compliance on an emotional high-strung child will further agitate his emotional problems, which will be compounded as he matures and can scar him for life. Therefore,  it is important to know the inner character of your child. On top of that, each child is markedly different and what may have been necessary for one child may be totally ineffective for another even though they are siblings.

Siblings with different ears

It is believed that each child has a Karma of his own and though they are from the same family, their destiny is different. Only identical twins have been known to have astoundingly similar life patterns, like favourite colours and the type of people they marry,  even though they were separated from birth. But from experience, I have noticed that two features are decidedly different, one is their palm prints and the other, their ear-formation. This is their personal Blueprint of Life.

The Ears

The ears govern the period of a child from birth to the age of 13. At this stage, the face cannot be totally relied upon as it is constantly changing. The ears can indicate if a child has a healthy constitution or not and if his cries are due to anxiety or a demanding character.

From birth, the position, shape and interior formation of the ears are well defined and are permanent.

For a boy,the Dragon ear symbolises the child’s relationship to the father and the Tiger ear, to the mother. The opposite is so for girls. The ideal shape for ears is rounded, fleshy with free hanging lobes. They should be positioned from eyebrow level to the base of the nose. Ears that are close to the head expresses security, if they stick out, they signify insecurity. Therefore, when looking at the ears, it can indicate whom the child will be most attached to. Or who can be the cause of the child insecurities and at what period of his life.

Ideal Shape Ears


If both ears stick out or is badly formed, then the first 13 years of the child’s life will be insecure due to unhappiness from both parents. If they are close to the head and can hardly be seen from the front then they are timid and lack inner strength.



The position of ears also indicates the intelligence of the child. The higher it is set, the greater the intelligent. If such ears reach to the base of the nose then the child will attain success as well.

Ears that are higher than the level of the eyebrows show that even though the child is intelligent, he will be demanding and insensitive to the feelings of others. If you have such a child and dance to his every cry then you will be nurturing an egocentric individual who will expect the same attention from everyone around him. Unfortunately, this does not ensure his future happiness.

When ears do not reach the level of the eyebrows they are considered low set. This does not always indicate an inferior intellect but rather a child who can be a late starter or one who lacks self-confidence. When dealing with such a child, the parents must be more patient, tolerant and refrain from trying to pressure the child too much thus creating a mental block. It would be a disaster for parents to ridicule, demean or compare such a child’s accomplishments to a more mentally advance sibling or friend. Coaxing or reassurance can be more encouraging and beneficial otherwise he will grow up to be an adult with major inferiority complexes to deal with.

No two ears are the same shape or set at the same level, but if both the ears have negative traits then it can be predicted that the traumatic passage of the first 13 years would have a profound effect of the psyche of the child and serious attention has to be given to the marriage of the couple.

Looking from the side, the further back the ears are set the higher the intellect. The closer to the front, the weaker the intellect. Such a child might not be a straight “A” student but may excel in more hands-on practical careers and studies.

Common sense is indicated by ears that are well shaped, well positioned and in proportion to the rest of the face. Extremely small ears indicate a weak character that can be easily influenced. Such children should have better parental guidance otherwise they will get into trouble due to bad influences of friends, or even television programmes. Controlled guidance should begin before he becomes a teenager.

Very large ears indicate an unstable character that can be excessive in negative qualities like greed and selfishness. Children with such ears can grow up to be immature adults unless they are taught from young how important it is to inter-relate with others. Using brute force and harsh words can make matters worse and make such children even more stubborn.


Square Ears

Square ears with angular ear lobes are indicative of an aggressive and bullying character. Although some child especially boy, show aggressive tendencies when frustrated, it cannot go unchecked. Encourage empathetic feelings when he exhibits such aggression by making him realise the hurt he causes by being aggressive. However, if the aggression is violent and is directed to pets and helpless siblings, a more serious view has to be taken to uncover the seat of his anger otherwise it will fester in him till adulthood, and become increasingly more violent and can get out of control.


Other Characters

When studying your child, do not always feel that your child is crying because he is spoilt or being demanding. The psychology of a child is so tender and delicate as it adjusts and develops. Just as a child can believe in Fairies, Santa Claus and Dragons, so can a young child believe that there are demons in the dark and that their dinosaurs dolls can come to life and maul them when they are alone. Not taking this into consideration, a parent can seriously damage a child’s confidence and turn him into a nervous wreck full of anxiety and stress.

Children who have eyebrows that slope downwards at the end near the temples are more prone to anxiety and distress. Frightening them with boogie-man stories will only make them worse and make them grow up to be insecure adolescents and tortured adults. Instead, they must always be re-assured and made to feel confident. When they wake up screaming at night, spend some time to comfort then and allay their fears.

Around the ages of 5 onwards, the eyes of the child widens and adopts its’ individual shape. At this age, you will be able to notice the eyes of children who are easily stressed. They may droop downwards at the corner or even develop into “Wolf” eyes where the white are seen on either side and below the iris. These are sure indication of a child who is easily stressed and can be extremely anxiety prone. You may think that childhood is a carefree period, but such children are sensitive and easily disturbed by violence on television or in the household and can even find going to school or moving house to be a great stress on them. They may express their fears by showing their tantrums, becoming withdrawn, bed-wetting, sleepwalking or having night terrors. When their fears are express in such a manner, then it is time for the parents to take time off their busy schedule and focus on relieving their child’s stress and worries before it leaves an indelible scar on their personality. If your child has these telltale features, they need attention and reassurance before it reaches such traumatic proportions.

If at these time the whites of their eyes turn blue, then it indicates an inner fear or trauma that the child is suffering from and is unwilling or afraid to reveal. Should this occur, the parents should endeavour to find out what this hidden fear is.

Children and youngsters who have a cleft chin require more focus and attention than others. They always seek the limelight and demand to be seen and heard. To satisfy this inborn craving, enrol them in acting, dancing or drama classes and allow them to express themselves there. Register them in a Casting Agency because they will do very well in front of a camera or an audience. Who knows you might have a budding Haley Joel Osment on your hands!


Whorls and Crowns

At birth, many parents and especially grandparents will take note of the hair of the infant. Scanty curly hair indicates a gentle disposition whereas strong straight hair can point to a demanding infant but it is the whorls or the crowns that are fervently counted. One whorl at the top of the head shows a child who is compliant and filial. Another one or two whorls especially around the front of the hair line indicates a stubborn character that will be a non-conformist. Anything more ensures that the child is an eccentric rebel who will be impossible to control. The presence of more than two whorls on a child have always caused great alarm among the older generation especially if they were Female Fire Horse as this is an indication that they had a problem on their hand and marrying such young Ladies off would be a difficult matter as they would not make the ideal quiet, obedient wife! If you were born between January 21st 1966 to Febuary 8th 1967,  check the number of whorls or crowns you have and then ask yourself is life has been a bed of roses or has your fiery character been your bane.


Paying attention to your child’s features can help you to better manage him. Understanding him can help you guide him through his developing years when he is totally dependent on you. Before his little character develops and take root, as his parents, you can mould him to become a better adjusted human being. Like bamboo, a shoot can be straightened but a bent matured bamboo branch will break when one tries to straighten it.


Callisto ; Metal Monkey

10-4-80 ( 21 years old )

At 21, Callisto still has a baby face with a great deal of growing up to do. Her forehead shows someone who is intelligent and has leadership qualities. She should be encouraged to expose her forehead, as this is a strong feature in her Face Feng Shui. She should also ensure that her forehead is always clear of pimples, blackhead and warts which can weaken its’ prominence. She should also keep it radiance and free of dark pigmentation as she ages.

To enhance her Face Luck, she has to define and draw her eyebrows well so that it frames and protects her eyes. I do not advice her to tattoo or embroidery her eyebrows as her face is still changing and the permanency of such cosmetic treatments may not harmonise with her face as she matures.

Her close-set eyes indicate a self-concerned person who may be accused of being self centred and egocentric. This could be the case with Callisto as her birthdate does indicate these characteristics as well. To have a life of harmony she should be more emotionally sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others and to be more tolerant and kind.

A hurdle is predicted by her weak eyebrows around the ages of 31-33. If she can alter certain difficult character traits she has like her pride, intolerance and impatience, she can minimize the problems during those years. But with a person like Callisto she always feels that she is right and only experience of life can show her the Light of Reality.


Pisces; Water Dog

23-2-82 ( 19 years old )

Pisces appears to be confused Water Dog who is not satisfied with her choice of her Education path in Chemical Engineering. From her birthdate, her choice is compatible. The hesitation could be that Pisces is impatient and the length of time she would take to get the degree is frightening her.

From her ears, especially the Dragon Ear, it is noticed that there is a lack of confidence in her and she is getting “cold feet” worrying if she can in fact successfully complete her course. Be reassured Pisces, that if you concentrate and focus your attention on what’s at hand, you will accomplish what you set out to do.

Pisces has also mentioned that she has been labelled as “snobbish” and wishes to know how she can alter this impression she has created. From her face, there is no sign of arrogance but there is an abruptness and impatient look in her eyes that may have given rise to her problem. Pisces should try to counter this character as it is conceived as being arrogant and obviously causing her concern. Pisces should slow down in every way she can, in speech, movement and manner. She could also try to be more tolerant.

To enhance her Face Luck, she should grow her hair longer and change her spectacle frame to something which softens her eyes.

Purple, Turquoise, Green, Cream are her lucky colours and she should wear these colours to soften the aura of her face.


Ophilea ; Earth Horse

20-2-78 ( 23 years old )

Earth Horses are the most grounded and least highly strung of all the Horses. Ophilea the Earth Horse have these qualities however, her birthdate, which includes the date and month, has included a strong water element which can result in a contradiction as water can make Ophilea insecure, indecisive and very sensitive.

The position of Ophilea’s ears shows a lack of confidence and timidness but the shape indicates an inner aggressiveness, which means that when pushed, she can retaliate and explode like a volcano. So her friends and husband should not be fooled by her gentle demeanours.

Ophilea has made the right choice in her life-partner who is 8 years older than her as she can feel comforted and protected by his maturity and understanding.

She has to be warned of her over-active imagination as she may imagine things that does not really exist and this can cause her to become jealous or insecure. She should strive to stabilise her mood swings and overcome her extreme sensitive nature.

Husband ; Metal Dog

29-6-70 ( 31 years old )

The Husband is a romantic sentimental Metal Dog who has plenty of love to give. From his ears, his ages of 1-13 were rather insecure and this has resulted in him having to call upon all his inner strength to cope with it. This will hold him in good stead in his adulthood though these childhood insecurities will still haunt him and can cause him to appear moody and distant at times.

He will be a very loving husband though he can be very possessive and jealous of those he loves. His birthdate does indicate that he will marry someone out of his race. It also indicates that he will be very successful in careers that are creative and artistic. Music is very important for him.

As  Ophilea and her Husband are both very sensitive, they will have to tread carefully through their marriage and not allow their sensitivity to get out of hand. They should always keep the doors of communications open between them and refrain from sulking silences or uncontrollable tears.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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