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Using Mind Energy and Make-up Arts For Face Luck

From a glance you can tell if a person is a success or a failure in life. There is an air about him or her that sends the message. That is the person’s Aura. It emanates from him and is distinguishable by everyone. Believe me you don’t have to be a physic to “see” it. But few of us realise what we are “seeing” as we have curbed our instinctive side and replaced it with Logic. To us, nowadays, what we cannot feel and touch does not exist.

However, with the onset of the electronic age, we are beginning to realise that we are surrounded by electromagnetic pulses and micro and macro waves which are enabling us to send and receives signals and images without cables that link the two terminals. From a distance, with a little remote device, we can open and close doors, gates and change television channels. Now, we can even operate any household gadgets using our mobile wireless phone.

And who was the God of all these marvellous inventions? A human brain. The brain is a dynamo of electrical charges. When you are happy, upbeat and active, it sends out positive charges that radiates through our body healing it while it inter-acts with charges from other bodies around us. This positive charge that radiates from our body is interpret as success, happiness or luck by others that look at us and they are attracted to it. The reverse happens when we are discharging a negative radiation

How do we continuously keep our bodies on “High Charge”? It is back to the brain and our brain energy to keep it on a positive mode.

This begins from the moment we get ready for bed. It is a good practise to re-establish our “Frame of Mind” just before bedtime as sleep “unravels the twisted skeins of care”. In sleep, our body undergoes the most active repairs and primes it for the next day. Before going to sleep, it is a good practise to forgive those who have hurt or grieved us or at least to put them out of our mind as this is the most destructive energy. Then we should go on to affirm certain desires like self-cure of any illness that is troubling us. Following that we can visualize success in a project, reactivate declining emotions and project our own personal ambitions. Such ambitions can be as simple as a garden of beautiful blooming flowers or as lofty as becoming a Great National Leader. On that note, we should be able to soundly drift to sleep, while visualising a blue light enveloping our body. Visualising the colour blue triggers the production of serotorin and melatonin which are soothing brain chemicals that promotes relaxation.

If you faithfully do this very night, you will wake up daily to a more enthusiastic day, which should begin with a moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and truly appreciate all your positive physical assets, and accomplishments. Then, plan for a constructive, fruitful day.

Doing this  religious on a daily basis will be more beneficial to you that any elixir of youth. It will stimulate your mind and body with positive energy that will radiate from you like a radiant light and draw to your sphere of life or aura positive friends and associates. You will be sort after because people will feel good in your presence, as your “Lucky Aura” will be infectious.

Simple Make Up Art to Enhance Face Luck.

Bulbous Foreheads indicates immaturity and an irrational, spoilt character. To bring a more balanced look and overcome negative luck, hid bulge under a light fringe or bang. Use a darker foundation on the forehead and ensure that the forehead is not shiny. Calista Flockhart of Ally McBeal uses a fringe to do the trick.

Calista Flockhart


A Large Head on a thin long neck gives the impression of instability in matters on emotions and the sustaining of a regular income. The imbalance indicates the inability of a person to handle crisis and shoulder responsibilities, if on top of it,  the shoulders are narrow or sloping.

To counter this negativity, if it is a lady, the hair should be grown to strength the “width” of the neck. Wearing the hair up emphasises the weakness. Wearing a choker also adds strength to the neck and if the choker sports a good compatible gemstone it will enhance positive energy. Collars are recommended to further strengthen the neck.


For men, a collared shirt with a bow tie is better than a necktie. A longer hair cut is advised. For both men and women, clothes with full shoulder pads to strengthen the support of the shoulders will add power to the face and give it strength.

Single eyes lids are generally considered less fortunate than double eyelids. Many Japanese who are ardent followers of Face Feng Shui adhere to this concept and undergo eye-lid operations even as early as in their teens. Double eyelids give a big wide-eyed look to the face and are indicative of honesty, intelligence and good luck. Not all are blessed with double eyelids nor can everyone afford the price of constructive surgery, but tastefully applied cosmetic can make eyes look big and bright. The clinch is to use a lash curler and mascara to emphasis that “wide-eyed” look and not to use harsh black eyeliner which traps the eyes. Lighter coloured liners and eye shadows soften every type of eye and brings out the sparkle in the eye.

Gentle Make-up on single eyelid eyes

Above all, do not tattoo your eyes with a black outline as it makes the eyes look hard and bitchy especially if your eyes are small and slanting! This is bad Face Feng Shui. If you have tattooed your eyes black, then use a silvery shade eye liner of your lucky colour as a cover up.

Slanting Eyes with pointed inner corners predict a reversal of fortunes for the worse, around mid life which is around 34-36 years old. The losses could be due to lavish spending habits or bad investments. It could come about due to the influence of a very dominating family member like husband, wife or parents.

Inwards eyes

If the person is of the Fire Element especially a Fire Horse, then the prediction is more potent. Such people should be cautious and keep a level head around the mid life period. The most recent period of the Fire Horse was from 21st January 1966 to 8th February 1967.

To diminish or to protect such a calamity, women with such eyes should never accentuate the inner corners with eyeliner. Instead, they should soften the corners with light coloured eye shadows.

Eyebrows are very mobile and as they move and wag about they indicate pleasure or pain. There is a ‘Grief Muscle’ at the beginning of the eyebrows that can, in particular, indicate stress, emotional pain and helplessness. Many people have such  ‘Grief Muscles’ in a permanent position. Such people are in constant threat of sinking into stress or depression. Being conscious of it can make a person relax these muscles and inwardly reassure themselves that all is well and to relax. Spouses, parents and close friends can also help when they realise that these ‘Grief Muscles’ are beginning to bunch up, as they do act as a visible indication of the inner state of being of the person.

Grief muscles of Gong Li

To further relax these inner fears and muscles, gently massage the muscles when they begin to become tense. This will also relax the person.

When shaping or defining such eyebrows, assure that the inner ends at the ‘Grief Muscles’ are not too close over the bridge of the nose and never allow the outer ends droop too low thus emphasising the helpless, devastated look.

Strong Straight Noses; the pillar of Wealth is becoming the focus of many people even in Malaysia. The importance of a good nose is recognised. Besides going for invasive plastic surgery, using make up to contour the nose can be of great help to the overall Feng Shui of the Face and also the inner confidence of the person.

Wearing suitable eye frames and glasses can also benefit the contour of the face and the Luck.

Uneven Lips can be corrected by make up with lipstick for women and moustaches for men. However, if the moustache does not grow over the philtrum, then it is not advisable to grow it as it indicates problems in family life especially with respect to children and the reproductive organ.

Uneven lip on man

Thick Lips can look vulgar and coarse but it can also look sensual and alluring depending on how it is made –up . It usually  relates to the sexual outlook of the person and his or her generous nature. It is more significant in a woman and can bring unnecessary problems to her if it is badly made-up. Careful contouring with dark matte lipstick refines such lips and downplays the suggestiveness.

Voluptuous lip


Exposed Gums are also deemed as a defect, indicating a lack of control in morality or tact. This can sometimes bother a person to the extent they will not smile broadly for fear of revealing their gums and their inner self.  This can bring about a lack of confidence and develop into a complex. Modern dentistry can overcome such a problem and I have been happy to see how such a corrective surgery has redeemed the self -esteem of a person with such a problem.

Exposed gum before

Exposed gum after

Bald Heads are considered cool nowadays. It is a glaring statement of a person who is confident of his manhood. Men who are growing bald should bare all if they have a good head shape especially if they have the double forehead of the God of Wisdom. It is better for the Feng Shui of the face to expose a shaved pallet than to grow long locks that is swept over to cover the bald patch.

Bald head

Protruding Ears do not have to be exposed to teasing or give a negative imbalance to a face. Protruding ears are analysed as a troubled, disruptive childhood that burdens the individual with a lack of confidence and a highly strung nature. Some have gone to the extend of surgically rectifying the protrusion, but a simple effective way to overcome this problems is to grow the hair long to cover up the ears and the problem and to bring calm to the face.

Protrude ear before

Protrude ear after


Be it by make up art, surgery or self-hypnosis, we can overcome negative emotions or physical faults in our looks that can rob us of our inner happiness and self-esteem. Feeling good about ourselves is very important. It is the force that puts us through the day and drives us to great heights of achievement. Knowing our strength, faults, weakness and “Luck Rhythms” of our lives can guide us to happiness and harmony. The Chinese interpret CRISIS as danger from which opportunity flourishes. As we encounter the successful and sorrows of our lives, we grow stronger and extend our threshold of endurance. The brilliant success of our evolution bears witness of the power of our mind and inner intelligence. Our destiny is created in our minds and it is expressed through our visage or countenance. Be the Master of you own Destiny instead of being mastered by it.


Jane ; Fire Snake

28-8-77 ( 24 years old )

Jane is a Fire Snake who is ambitious and very determined. She is charming and an elegant woman who is the epitome of the Snake in that sense. She has an ambition to attain all the pleasures and comforts of a life of luxurious living. With her sex appeal and smart mind; she will be able to attain this, using all her assets.

Her Half-Moon, inner sharp pointed eyes indicates a flirtatious and self gratifying nature which can bring her more that she bargained for as she is too impatient to reach her ambitions. Her eye make up is perfectly done for her single eyelid eyes, but her hair should not conceal her Sun position (forehead) completely. She has a high forehead but that is in balance to the rest of her face as her cheeks are strong and prominent.

She should not be too inhibited by the strength of her forehead, but rather be concerned about the lack of height of her nose which confirms that her decade of 40 can be difficult due to a lavish spending habit or bad investments, because of her urgent desire to get rich quickly. This is indicated by the  sharply pointed corners of the inner side of her eyes near the nose.

If she can bear this in mind, Jane can be more cautious during that period and thus minimize her problem rather then plunge head on into her predicted destiny.

Jane can marry young but she should ensure that she is marrying for the right reasons. Lust can be easily mistaken for love and that is what she has to learn to decipher.


Kah Yan ; Metal Rooster ( - )

5-5-81 ( 20 years old )

From her strong square jaws one can tell that Kah Yan is a determined, dependable girl who takes her responsibilities very seriously. Her sharp pointed chin shows creativity. This combination can work well for Kah Yan in all matters relating to career and business but can cause problems in her love life because she will be ruled by her own ideals of love and marriage and will try, with overpowering will to make her husband or boyfriend to do things her way.

Her birthdate reveals another side of Kah Yan which is shy, sensitive and easily hurt. Looking at the face, you will not think so but her ears, pinned close to her head,   does offer you a glimpse of this characteristic of hers. It also suggests that she is a child who has been protected and cherished by her family-most probably by her mother, and was quite precocious as a child, using her quick wit or easy tears to manipulate her way around the hearts of her parents.

If Kah Yan can calm her impatience and toughen up her sensitive nature, she is assured of tremendous success. She is quick, efficient and a convincing talker. She needs an active, challenging career to maximise her potential. Although Finance, Economics and Marketing stands out as possible careers for her, with her creativity, she can do well in Architecture, Advertising and Interior Designing.

She should take things easy and be focused and patient this year and next. She will begin to excel by the ages of 22 and 23 and reach her goals by then.

Wearing White, Light and Dark Blue will assist her in her control and stability.

Kundalini ; Metal Rat ( + )

17-2-60 ( 41 years old )

Kundalini the Metal Rat has had a life of struggle and had to sacrifice a great deal when he was younger as is clearly visible in his eyes. However, he has learnt to deal with his past frustrations by bleeding this negative Chi through martial art, as is seen by his clothing and badges in his photograph he sent me.

He may have initially gone into martial arts because of his pent-up angers but the inner peace he has learnt and experience from the true disciple of martial arts is what would have captured him and made him pursue it even to become a teacher and leader of the Arts and it’s philosophy.

Success is promised to Kundalini but it would come later in life and definitely after the age of 46. He will always look for the inner and deeper of life being very much a philosopher in his own right, though he is intrigued by any new and innovative techniques.

From young he had an old head on a young body, and would have been a deep and serious person. He would do well in occupations where he can care and nurture-be it people, pants or animals. He would do well as an alternative therapist like an acupuncturist or as an agriculturalist.

His age of 40 to 44 will be good ages for him so he should get over whatever happens to him at 37 and look towards a bright future.

YSL ; Fire Rooster

29-4-57 ( 44 years old )

YSL has a very lucky birth date but his Face Feng Shui reflects more of his negative qualities rather than the positive. This can happen otherwise every person born on that particular date will all do well or do badly whichever the case. The birth date gives the scope of a person’s life that is why when a prediction is done on the date and time of birth, it is called Horoscope (Horo means Hour). The face and the palm prints would give the final blue-print of his life, with the nuances of how such a person will tackle or cope with the ups and downs of his life. That is why readings based only on the date and time of birth cannot be very accurate without a personal input.

YSL’s face indicates the latent negative qualities like aggression and a confrontational nature as revealed by his “Martian Bulge” over his eyebrows, his unruly hair and the two stubborn crowns or whorls, at the top of the head an another around his hair line. My advice to YSL is to calm his temper and pride and learn to be tolerant because with such a lucky birth date he can achieve wealth and status as long as he can swallow his pride and take a soft approach.

1998, the Year of Mars, was bad for him and the dip of the bridge of his nose attests to it. After that from the age of 42 till now, he would have accomplished something. I would warn him to be careful at the age of 45 in the year 2002.

Regarding his health, judging from his complexion, the “Martian Bulge” and the mole on his vitality line of his face, which is the two lines that run from the nose to the chin,  I would warm him of his heart and blood related problems especially at the age of 54.

Wear more Green, Cream, Grey and Turquoise to keep calm!



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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