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Health and Face Feng Shui


The face can also give a good indication of the health of a person. Since ancient times, the skin tone, darkening or tinges of certain colors on different features of the face, moles or even scars can give indications of the health or working condition of various organs. In fact since the times of Hypocrites, dubbed the Father of Medicine, even Western practitioners used elements and the co-relationship to each other to determine   “disease” or maladies of the body and mind. Meanwhile, during the some time, Confucius was putting all his theories on philosophy and human balance on paper. In the West, doctors or alchemists were also well versed in Astrology and could very accurately diagnose illness through Astrology. Their knowledge has been passed down through the ages and on the shoulders of these mighty giants, I and other true practitioners of the science of Astrology can accurately predict health problems and the age during which the problem can surface or become troublesome.

There are many ways to make an analysis but due to the weight of responsibility that lies on practitioner, this should never be done hastily or without the proper of checks and counter checks. To determine possible health weaknesses, the Four Pillars of Destiny, the hour of birth, date, period and year has to be calculated and compares to the face and if possible, the palms of the person.

For this reason, no health analysis should be done by inexperienced practitioners.

Nowadays, there is an emergence of many alternative therapies. Many of these therapies were practiced in ancient times and with the popularity of modern medicine they have lost their significance.

But nowadays, there seems to be a lack of confidence in many modern medicines and techniques due either to the side effects or the cures or the incompleteness of the cures themselves. Certain cures do not address the root of the problem thus making them ineffective. Nowadays a more Holistic approach to diseases are sought after and the more natural they are, the better. That is why acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology or simple massages are gaining in popularity and have capture the confidence of the masses no matter where they come from.

While analyzing the face, it is noted that the face is also linked to various organs of the body and the organs and areas of the face are linked to planets.

The Chinese and Japanese have practiced the art of acupuncture, pressure puncture and pressure- massage for hundreds of years. Like Reflexology where the foot is massaged, Facial Pressure-Massage can also stimulate, activate and improve the functions of various organs of the body which in turn will result in beautiful and radiant skin and also delay the effect of sagging skin.

Spend 5 minutes a day on these very special pressure puncture points on your face and you will see the difference within a month. Taught to me by a famous masseuse in Kyoto, I have practiced it for 20 years.

Points and their connection

1)     Pressure massage  on these areas stimulates the brain and memory. It keeps one alert and active mentally. It is an important point for all signs especially the Dragon and Monkey as these two signs are considered the most “mental” signs of the Zodiac. It can also  help the Tiger and the Dog when they are under mental stress. Celine Dion is an Earth Monkey as she was born on the 30-3-68 and as she is such a perfectionist and pushes herself to extremes in her work schedule, she should pay attention to this pressure point and massage it when she is stressed or tired.

2) Pressure at this point is very important for sexual libido and fertility. It is also an important point for those who wish to stimulate their powers of fore-sight and perception.  Many of us have latent psychic talent.  It can be as subtle as a good or a bad feeling about something or someone or it can be as powerful as the ability to transfer thoughts or mind-read. Sometimes these perceptive talents are mistaken for “a good business sense” or “having the Midas touch”, but there is no mistaking it . Prominent businessmen and women or great scientists and inventors all have psychic abilities that spark great ideas and motivate their brilliance. I always advise my clients of Gem Therapy to massage this area daily with the correct gemstone when they wish to tap into their powers of perception to solve a problem or find a solution.

3) This is a very important point of Venus and stimulating this area brings radiance to the complexion. Moles at this point have to be removed as it interferes with one's emotional eye. Those born under the Animal Signs of the Rooster like Britney Spears who is a Metal Rooster should take note if she wishes to retain her youthful complexion. 

4) Drainage of puffiness to the eye area can be achieved with pressure to this area. It also aids kidney function and removes toxin from the blood. The Tiger, Horse and the Rooster have to pay special attention to this area. Catherine Zeta-Jones who is an Earth Rooster can benefit from daily pressure massage on this area as the puffiness around her eyes are beginning to be noticeable.

5) This area aids bowel movement. Dogs and Oxen take note. Regular bowel movement can also aid in the reduction of cellulite forming.

6) Now this is a very difficult spot to apply pressure to. To get the right point, measure approximately 1 inch from the tip of the nose. This point aids the function of the stomach and intestines to be efficient in absorbing nutrients from what you eat. The Pig, Ox and Tiger will benefit from this particular point. Ricky Martin who is a Metal Pig and is known to have stomach problems will benefit from daily attention given to this pressure massage point.

7) The rejuvenation of blood cells by the spleen is greatly enhanced by pressure at this point. This is important for all.

8) Another Venus point for beautiful skin. This point is linked to the pancreas. It is also an important point for those who suffer from mental fatigue. Dogs have a reputation to push themselves beyond their physical and mental limits and can easily become depressed. Take Maria Carey for example, she  had to take time off due to this attitude as she is a Metal Dog and she did not know when enough was enough. For the likes of her daily pressure massage at this point and at point number 3 would ease her inner stress and enable her to have sound sleep.

9) For problems of constipation. This is especially for those who hog on chocolates or have a  slow metabolic rate.

10) The proper function of the lungs are very important for the oxygenation of the blood. This improves skin color, aids healing of blemishes, cuts and joint aches. Michael Jackson who is an Earth Dog with a problem with a skin condition should concentrate on pressure massaging this point.

11) It is the opinion of all doctors  that good  healthy sexual appetite  is the best way to stay young and healthy. Now this is the spot to release those powerful hormones. For those who are facing problems in this area, work on this pressure point and take soup made from chicken raised on natural feed and not on hormones. Steam this chicken with Dong Kuai for women and Ginseng for men. Drink this soup once a week or once every two weeks.

12) The liver and lymph are also very important for a clear complexion and firm skin. These areas stimulate these organs and their functions. Vital for everyone especially the Horse and Ox.

13) If your central nervous system is in good flow, you will have less stress, get peaceful sleep and function well in all areas. Apply pressure to this point with one finger. Rabbits and Rats need this stimulation. If you have developed a nervous tic or twitch on your face, be warned as it is the first sign that your nervous system is severely under stress. Tiger Woods is not born in the year of the Tiger but rather in the year of the Rabbit. With the stressful lifestyle of competitions that are continuous, he can de-stress with pressure-massages from this area.

14) Nothing can substitute exercise, but this point aids in good body and facial muscle toning. A must for all.

15) Another crucial point. This stimulates the thyroid gland and helps with weight control and circulation of blood and detoxification. Jennifer Lopez born on the 24th of July 1970, the year of the Metal Dog can be prone to problems due to her birth date. Stimulating this pressure point can help her a great deal.



Use your forefingers or thumb to apply pressure. You will know you have got the spot when you feel an ache when pressure is applied. Massage each point for 30 seconds and move in the sequence marked from 1 to 15. As your blood and fluids flow, your organs are stimulated and do this job efficiently.

Using crystals or gems to apply pressure on these points will have an added benefit. Gems are very efficient in stimulating the natural flow of the electromagnetic fields of your body. When your body's natural electromagnetic currents flow smoothly and uninterrupted, your body functions well and your aura is enhanced.

Use the crystal or gemstone that is in harmony with your birthday. The wrong choice of crystals or gemstones can affect you negatively.

If you can master this simple massage technique and practice it daily, you can maintain a healthy life and put an attractive glow to your face.


F.Pal J.

19th June 1958 – Earth Dog (+), 43 years old

According to the usual analysis of the Chinese Zodiac, those born in the year of the Dog will do well in the year of the Snake, but according to my analysis which has an additional counter-checking by the added input of the “Ghanzi” method, not all Dogs will fare well during the year of the Snake.

Judging from the year alone is not accurate enough. The inclusion of the lunar sign which rules the hour and the Moon sign which rules your date and month must be read together with your element of year and your fixed element, then it must be compared and analysed against the current year to produce an accurate prediction.

The year can give you an accurate prediction of the atmosphere and environment of our Planet and when compared to our country’s birthdate or our own birthdate it can indicate how we will personally cope with the year. Bring an astrologer is a great responsibility so great care and attention must be given when making an analysis.

The various details of the person’s birthdate is then compared with the face of the person to determine how the person his or her predicted destiny, and this will determine if he or she will be destroyed by it or find the strength to override a difficult destiny or fulfill a fortunate one. That is why I believe that we can master our Destiny, good or bad, by our own inner strength.

With F. Pal J., this year would have been a devastation which she would not have been prepared for if she only relied upon the analysis of the Zodiac or Animal Year. But she is a very determined person with great inner strength and she will endure it and come out the winner when she turns 44. This is apparent in her eyes and her nostrils which reveal a person who accepts challenges and refuses to be put down.

Her self-confidence has to be strengthened at this point so I advise her to use more Yellows and Golds. Avoid Purples at all cost.


Capricorn Man

19th January 1954 – Water Snake (-), 47 years old

Capricorn Man will still fall into the Zodiac Sign of the Snake. Many are confused by the categorization of the Chinese Zodiac Sign. For the Chinese Zodiac, the year begins according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar and not the Gregorian or Roman Calendar and the New Lunar Calendar or the 1st Day of which is usually around January or February and it is a different date every year. If you are unsure of your Chinese Animal Sign, you may log on to my website to find out.

So if you are born around January and early February, you might want to clarify your correct Chinese Animal Sign.

Capricorn Man is a Water Snake. From his features that I have shown, you will notice that he tends to throws his head back when looking at anything. From observations, this manner in which a person holds his head indicates a complex nature. His stance could make you feel that he is arrogant and haughty as he appears to “look down his nose” at you but in actual fact, he is unconsciously keeping you at a distance because he is unsure of you and more important than that, he is unsure of himself and is afraid to reveal this insecurity he has within him.

With the Capricorn Man, the subconscious withdrawal is because of his inner insecurities but he is too proud to admit this, therefore he assumes this “head thrown back” stance. This self-protecting posture could be due to a domineering family member – most probably a very authoritative father who has intimidated Capricorn Man in his formative years.

But his birthdate speaks of a sensitive and highly self-respecting person who could not tolerate bring intimidated so Capricorn Man has built defenses in his life.

This year is not kind to Capricorn Man but it will improve when he turns 49 so he must be focused on the future and ride these choppy years stoically.



Little Rat

10th July 1984 – Wood Rat (+), 17 years old

Little Rat is a very persistent person who can succeed even though she will be battling against all odds. She has asymmetrical eye and eyebrow levels which indicate that she is creative, a little eccentric and tends to be at logger-heads with many who associate with her be it family or friends especially if they do not agree with her point of view and her actions. Being creative with great leadership qualities, this could mean that she would be at odds with many and would therefore tend to be somewhat a loner.

It would be unfortunate if she does become a loner and finds difficulty getting on with people because this attitude would hinder her from fulfilling the destiny that awaits her – as great success is in her destiny but she can achieve it only if she has support from her colleagues, friends and family.

She should learn to communicate with less aggression and learn to be a leader by example rather than by being authoritative and dominating.

To enhance her positive qualities, she should wear more purple. She must persist in her studies even though obstacles present themselves because with a sound education, she can go very far. She would make a good teacher, lecturer and trainer.  




18th September 1971 – Metal Pig (-), 30 years old.

Joe is a very aggressive and combative Metal Pig. Pigs are supposed to be laid back and easygoing – but not so with Joe. He will fight for his rights and then go on to fight for the rights of others as well. These emotions are ignited by a fire that lies in the soul of this Metal Pig and it is clearly visible in his eyes and the high sweep of his eyebrows.

So as not to be made use of, because Joe is very kind and easily instigated, he has to develop the ability to discern between his friends and those who are using him so as to avoid being disappointed and let down by people. In this respect, Joe is the true Pig as he trusts anyone who requests his assistance especially if they come with a sob story.

His eyebrows also indicate an idealistic person as they rise high above the top tips of his ears. Injecting practicality would bring some stability to his life. The scar on the Dragon (Left) side of his eyebrows warns of an emotional problem at the ages of 33 to 34. If Joe is married, he must give his marriage more attention at that time.

Compromise and a less stubborn attitude will bring more harmony to Joe. He should control his quick and explosive temper. Next year and the year following that will be very lucky for Joe and he must forge forward during those ages.



If you would like me to analyse your eyes or the eyes of your loved ones in this column, send me a front-view, non-returnable coloured photograph with the date of birth and the pseudonym you wish to use. Either send it by e-mail to ZORRA@ZORRAPREDICTIONS.COM or to MADAM ZORRA at The Weekender, Star Publications.

Should you have any enquiries, you may call me at 012-429 1199.

About Madam Zorra 

Madam Zorra is a practicing gem therapist, psychic Tarot Card Reader and Face Feng Shui Expert. She has conducted her research and practise in Asia; mainly Burma and Indonesia, Europe and the USA and now in Malaysia. She conducts live interactive programmes on the World Wide Web for both Audio and Visual media free of charge from her website,

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