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episode 1

Have you often wondered what Whoopie Goldberg would look like with Eyebrows?

Or Brook Shields without?

These images speak for themselves.

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Eyebrows are the most easily altered facial features we have. As far as women go, this facial feature can be plucked, drawn, bleached, dyed or, tattooed.
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Because of this, Eyebrows have been ravaged by the fairer sex in the name of beauty.

But did you know altering it could enhance or destroy your face features?

When one looks at a face, one is immediately impressed if there is symmetry and overall balance.

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An imbalance feature draws attention and can either be appealing or disturbing.

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A pair of sparkling wide-opened straight looking eyes can draw anyone to look twice at its owner.
A jarring, fiercely tattooed pair of dark eyebrows can cause an onlooker to look again but this time to find out what is strange about this person.

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Tattooing eyebrows has been in fashion for a while. It is cheaply available, almost painless and does away with the tricky art of drawing-on eyebrows. They were guaranteed to stay on through all kinds of weather and activity and stay on they did. Up to recently, there was no chance of a reversal of these tattooed calamities except with expensive, painful cosmetic surgery assistance, or heavy concealing make-up.

When eyebrows were tattooed incorrectly, the result was an imbalance facial expression.

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If they were excessively dark they made the person look aggressive, demanding and uncompromising. That is the impression conveyed to those who look upon this face. Immediate reaction – returned hostility or preparation to counter-attack.

The end result is a difficulty to deal with people, an intimidating countenance and an appearance of a bad tempered woman who looked as if she was ready to jump down your throat at the slightest provocation. Eyebrows, according to Face Reading, fall in the center region of the face, which is linked, to emotions. Any pronounced feature either enhances or detracts from the significance of the feature.

Eyebrows indicate the vitality of a person. Fine eyebrows indicate a delicate constitution and thick eyebrows a strong constitution.

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jap.gif (21328 bytes) That is why when you see strong black eyebrows it gives you an impression of strength. So the thicker and blacker the tattoo the greater the appearance of a strong difficult character is conveyed. On top of this, if the face is delicately shaped, the eyes are weak and the skin is light the more enhanced the characteristics become to the disadvantage of the person.

Eyebrows are the frames of the eyes, which are the windows to your soul. Eyebrows should frame the eyes so that they enhance them and their expressions.

Therefore always use this golden rule of eyebrow shaping.

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Pluck or shape the eyes accordingly, clearing the space between eyebrows. This clears the path of good fortune form your crown chakra.

The next thing to remember is to choose the correct eyebrow pencil colour. A shade lighter than your hair tone is ideal.


Eyebrows that are naturally darker than the hair tone also create an imbalance to the composition of the face and therefore the appeal. However, if the shape of the face is square or the jaw line is strong, slightly darker coloured eyebrows can actually give the face a better-balanced look.

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Start encouraging good fortune your way by first tidying and shaping your eyebrows.

Consider seriously removing your heavily tattooed eyebrows if you have had the misguided misfortune of acquiring them and notice how good fortune and friendship comes to you.

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