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episode 2

The reason we go into so much trouble to improve our looks is our desire to be admired by others and to build up our own self-esteem. But have you realised that one other very important reason is that we have to present to the on-looker a correct image of ourselves.

How do you think an on- looker interprets your character if you are made up like this, trying to sell him some security Bonds! He’ll probably call 911 for help!

Now if you appear looking like this you may cause his testosterones to stampede! You may even clinch the deal but he probably wants a little more thrown in and it may be more than you are ready for.

So why not present the correct image of yourself. This brings out the proper responses from the person you are trying to do business with. Then you too will be comfortable in his presence and can perform your job efficiently. This is harmony.

This is what Feng Shui make- up is about.

Before we embark on our exploration of your face, let me clarify some other basics of evaluation the Feng Shui of your face.

All Physiognomy masters go into great elaboration of various features of a face but the basis to always remembers is that the face is divided into 3 divisions that can, at a glance, allow you to assess the character of the person you are looking at or enable you to analyse your own face.

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The next step is to identify the prominent feature in one or all of the 3 divisions and accentuate this feature or features if they are favourable or down play this feature or features if they are uncomplimentary so as to attain a harmonious balance to the face.

The dominant region of a face tells you the fundamental character of the person. Is he or she is ruled by his intellect and logic, or his emotions and how stable or wilful is this person.

When you look at a face where all 3 sections are equal, then the person is balanced and in harmony.

If any one portion dominates the other 2 then whatever that portion relates to, will be the dominating character of the person.

Here, this seemingly sweet and gentle looking girl has section 1 more dominant and larger in preposition to the other 2. Logic and intellect rather than her emotions, she will therefore rules by logic.

In this instant, the centre or emotional portion of the face is definitely more prominent and longer than the other 2. This person will be more emotional in her behaviour.

Here the jaw line is prominent and the lips indicate a hint of vulgarity. Therefore the lips can be drawn to cover this underlying note of this woman’s character or less conspicuous lipstick colours can be used.

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The other important rule of Thumb is the ages each part of the face represents. This is important to you when assessing your own face because it gives you tell-take signs of when you will be successful or when you can encounter problems.

For an accurate reading, it should be done together with Astrology and Palmistry as they can confirm the important timings. With make- up, you can conceal shortcomings and the person looking at you and perhaps assessing you can be given a different picture.

That is why having the knowledge of Feng Shui Make-up can help you to obtain a better quality life and bring you Fame and even Fortune.

Visit me again next week when I shall be going through a step-by-step makeover of various eye-browns.

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