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episode 3

One of the most character revealing features of the face is the Eyebrows and this is one of the most tampered with feature of a woman. Eyebrows on the Sun and Moon position reveal and predict how your life will be between the ages of 31, 32, 33 and 34. These are very critical ages. This is when you evolve into full emotional maturity.

Knowing how these ages may be, could assist you to make better decisions and help you exercise some control of your character or emotions so that you move into mid-life, which is generally 35 years of age for a woman, with confidence and strength.

So before you alter your eyebrows, let us explore what your eyebrows suggest and also how you are perceived and judged by your eyebrows.

As we discussed in the previous episode, the ideal eyebrows are as shown here.

These eyebrows indicate a balanced of character and a fortunate life especially during the early thirties.

However, not everybody is blessed with such eyebrows. When eyebrows are thick, bushy, scanty or grow close over the bridge of the nose, they tell a tale of their own and can be altered to better your life and at the same time enhance the balance and beauty of your face.

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Light and scanty eyebrows indicate a frailty of health or character. To give more strength to your face feng shui, it is always best to darken them slightly with eyebrow pencil.

Do not resort to tattooing because this process is permanent and can forever create a catastrophe in your looks.

The other point you would like to remember is that your face keeps on changing through the ages and eyebrows shaped while you were a teenager may not be ideal for you in your subtle ages of fifty or sixty. So allow yourself to be in control of altering your brows to suit your looks, style and age.

By strengthening your eyebrows, you portray a stronger image and self confidence. Although you do not magically overcome a weak constitution, you dispel the image of weakness and project a healthier look. Nature has inbuilt mechanisms, if you look healthy and confident you are less subjected to being intimidated by stronger types. Look frail and you will gain sympathy and protection from the compassionate but you will be used by the aggressive types.
So if you have your scant eyebrows, shape and lightly pencil them so that you achieve a refined but positive look. By strengthening this important Northern Star positions, you can achieve good fortune and good health and make firm progress into the third decade of your life.

As homo sapiens evolved, the most significant change was the way they began to walk erect and the loss of bodily hair. Bodily hair is now synomomous with masculinity and basic animals strength. When you see a man with the shade of growth of facial hair on his face, strong eyebrows and little strands of hair peeking over his shirt buttons, he arouses a feeling of maleness and promises of exciting unbridled passion. He is said to be sexy by most.

But a girl or woman with similar bodily growth is a repulsive freak!

However there is one last vestige of facial hair that is acceptable and can pronounce a woman to be endowed with similar sexual prowess and that is strong bushy eyebrows. Men, according to my observation, find this a real turn on. They find bushy, dark eyebrows sexy.

So if you have dark bushy eyebrows, decide what you want to say.

If you wish to leave them as they are then fine.

But if you find them a tat too uncouth, you can tone them down. Remember, subtlety is more exciting than crudity to many men. Women encountering another woman, with a shocking pair of busy eyebrows find them intimidating and irritating to their own sensuality. So, a lady boss who has fine detailed eyebrows will find women working for her with strong bushy eyebrows a threat to their own femininity and react unfavourably to the owners of the thick bushy eyebrows.

face3_pic11.gif (14016 bytes)

So, if you have thick dark bushy eyebrows, be conscious of them. If you find that the reactions you have encountered has been baffling to you, you may have another think about those strong Northern Star positions.

To tone down strong eyebrows, you could dye them a lighter shade while keeping the luxuriant growth. Do this with a professional hair expert as they are close to your eyes and you do not want to damage them.

If they are unruly, pluck them to a neat defined shape then use hair spray to tame them.

After plucking and shaping, if some stubborn strands stray away from the desired outline, use a small scissors and trim them slightly.

If eyebrows grow across the bridge of the nose, it indicates an accessive jealous nature or someone who does not want to see another’s point of view. It also shows stubbornness, and on a positive note, tenacity.

The ancient physiognomy masters considered that this extended growth over the bridge of the nose blocked the positive "chi" or energy flow from the crown chakkara (wheel of lights or energy base) to the rest of the body. This growth inhibits good health, good luck and free flow of ideas.

If you have such a growth, you should remove it for good face feng shui. I have had many positive feed-backs from those who have followed my advice.

You will notice that even Pete Sampras the 1999 Wimbledon Champion has removed this growth he had over the bridge of his nose. After this alteration, he has appeared to be more healthy and more in control of himself in his matches. I have admired him since he appeared on the tennis circuit as a teenager and I am glad that he has made this alteration to his eyebrows. He is now a very powerful personality with a strong face to match his position of fame.

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Different shapes of eyebrows and their meanings to your life.

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