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The Power Of Gems In Astrology

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Yellow Sapphire

After thousands of years collecting magnetic energy deep in the bowels of the earth, gemstones are a source of energy that can be positive or negative. Different gemstones are given to be ruled by different planets which in turn affect our fate and destiny. Learn every week how to use this power.

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Crystals are living components of Atoms

Crystals are made up of an elaborate arrangement of atoms. In a natural crystal of 1 carat there are 100 billion atoms. Each atom is surrounded by yet another elaborate arrangement of protons and neutrons, surrounded by whirling clouds of electrons. These are called shells. These shells bond and form a compound.

The way atoms bond together is subject to the way these whirling electrons react to each other. The way these electrons move from atom to atom results in electricity. If these electrons move up and down within their orbit around their nucleus, various types of radiation and light are produced.

When light, heat or the movements of other electrons hit the natural crystal, it gives off extra energy. Body heat or body energy can trigger the electrons of a natural crystal to give off this extra energy.
How to Harvest the Crystal Energy

Crystals form when molten masses of molecules and atoms cool slowly. As they cool, the atoms form in symmetric geometric patterns, aligning themselves the same way at a given temperature. Crystals are made up of elaborate arrangements of atoms. In a crystal that is 1 carat are 100 billion atoms. Each atom is again another elaborate arrangement of particles of protons and neutrons surrounded by spinning electrons.

How atoms bond to each other is subject to how these spinning electrons reach to each other. The way they move from one atom to atom results in the production of electricity. If the electrons move up and down within their orbits around the nucleus, it results in various types of radiation and can produce light.


When light heats or the movements of other electrons hits those electrons of a crystal, it moves, triggers the electron of a crystal to give extra energy. Heat or body energy can trigger the electrons of a crystal to give off this extra energy.

Atoms of natural crystals then arrange together to make a compound.



Different crystals align themselves in different molecule structures so that they are identified according to their individual structure.

The most prolific crystal on our planet Earth is the quartz.

Quartz emits electricity when pressure is applied to it at certain angles. This current is too small for humans to detect, but properly amplified, the current is very exact and reliable. This effect is named piezoelectricity after the Greek word, meaning "to press".

Taking it further, when electricity is fed to a quartz, it oscillates at a frequency depending on the intensity of the current and thickness and of the quartz and this became the cheapest and most reliable transmitter of radio frequency waves.

Till today, the frequency of radio stations with 50,000 watts or more of power is controlled by a tiny quartz chip not longer than a thumbnail.

From then on the uses of quartz crystals went from telling time to conductors of lightning.

Now, a new age emerges based on transmitters, semi conductors and integrated circuits using silicon and germanium crystals albeit man made copies of natures bounty.

Laser technology which employs various types of crystals, working in the same way as quartz oscillons, are now used to amplify electromagnetic radiation passed through them.

They can produce fusion energy hotter than the interior of the Sun and are used at checkout counters, connect alignment of buildings and structures with accuracy far beyond any other means.



Lasers are used to focus beams to such a point so as to mend a cauterize tissue with acute accuracy and minimum scarring as used in eye surgery or cosmetic surgery.

Lasers cut through a pile of cloth with precision, drill holes in a diamond or burn holes in a baby’s bottle nipple while leaving it completely sterile.

This energy produced by a laser using crystals can predict earthquakes and work efficiently over millions of hours by the power or energy produced by a flash light battery.

One of the most powerful energy on earth is the Energy of our Minds and our Bodies.

If you believe that we were from Adam and Eve and evolved from nakedness to Haute Couture garments or even if you hold to the theory that mankind evolved from amoebae to apes to mighty beings like Confucius, Ghandi, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Hitler, Elvis Presley and Prophet Muhamed, you must admit that the most powerful energy is the energy of the mind of the Human Being.


Therefore, imagine what you can accomplish if you focused your own body and mind energy through a crystal that you wear no bigger than your thumbnail.

Each crystal has been recognised as possessing this peculiar power to enhance or disturb your vibration or aura. Using the correct crystal or gemstone is of utmost importance and has been recognised by ancient civilisations of China right to the middle-east and Egypt. Knowing your personal crystals and gemstones will unlock your powerful energies to alter attitude and focus your mind energy to achieve your goals. To find out what are your personal gemstones or crystals, logon to or contact me by e-mail or phone 016-3362841.