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After thousands of years collecting magnetic energy deep in the bowels of the earth, gemstones are a source of energy that can be positive or negative. Different gemstones are given to be ruled by different planets which in turn affect our fate and destiny. Learn every week how to use this power.

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One of the oldest beliefs in gem therapy and the power that gemstones have is the ancient Naoratna Ring. The gems are placed in specific positions with the gemstones that symbolized the Sun in the center. This Magic Nine Stone Ring was then used as a talisman to bring good fortune and peace to the wearer.

The traditional setting of gemstones of this ring is:-

The Sun - The Ruby

Venus - The Diamond

The Moon - The Pearl

Mars - The Coral

Rahu or Uranus - Jacinth

Saturn - The Sapphire

Jupiter - The Topaz

The descending Node or Neptune - The Cats Eye

Mercury - The Emerald

This setting was used with the traditional Hindu Vedic beliefs of gemstones and their planetary settings.

However, in all disciplines of astrology and gem therapy be it Chinese, Hindu, Kabalistic or Sidereal, there are planets that are malefic, detrimental or fallen in a birth chart. Therefore wearing the corresponding gemstones would emphasize the problems, and misfortune this planet and gemstone will bring to the wearer of a specific birth chart.

To reap the greater benefit of this Magic Nine Stone ring, a correct choice and positioning of the harmonious gemstones should be made. This will depend on your very personal horoscope based on your full date of birth and your time of birth.

To be sure that you get everything right, you may e-mail me or e-mail Mr Andi Singh at or click here.

Rings have always been the most powerful amulet a person can wear. Kings would bestow them to Knights and Count to ward of off evil. For many centuries Kings would give his followers rings of various materials to protect the wearer from illness. These were called Cramp Rings.

Rings are exchanged at ceremonies like weddings to solemnize a union.

Inscriptions and symbols were used on rings to invoke magic or protection. Magicians used gemstones inscriptions and emblems on rings and presented them to his assistants so as to control them and make them do his bidding.

These rings, especially if they had gemstones were trained and emitted the vibrations of the magicians and these strong vibrations will resonate and bind with the vibrations of the wearer and through the electromagnetic field of these vibrations, the followers would perform their own magic but most important, the magician could still have a control over his followers.

It is therefore very important to cleanse a ring before wearing it to erase it of all the electromagnetic forced attached to it by those who had handled it before.

Cleansing can be done by a magnet, salt water or other cleansing substances used by gem therapists which have been specially blended as is the case with me in my cleansing.

To discover the knowledge of the hidden power of gemstones, handed down through time immemorial, visit me at this web site. I have prescribed gemstones to various people around the world with incredible results. If you would like to benefit from my knowledge and experience, e-mail me and allow me to share my knowledge with you.