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Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

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Cut Yellow Sapphires of various yellow hues.


The Yellow Sapphire captures and radiates the magnificent beauty, charisma and energy of the Planet Sun. Like the Sun, this fascinating gemstone ignites the fire of life in those who are fortunate to wear it. It brings to the lucky wearer all the properties of the Planet Sun because he or she who can wear it is born to be, like the Planet it represents, the centre of great energy from where many will be inspired.

The wearer of the Yellow Sapphire possesses leadership qualities. He or she will have the desire and courage to go where no one has ever been before and to the charismatic magnetism of the wearer of the wearers stirring energy, many will be inspired and motivated to follow.


A Yellow Sapphire set with diamonds.

A rare Yellow Sapphire Cabushon stone with a Star formation.


   Be it in its cut form or cabushoned, the Yellow Sapphire has a beauty that is best worn on The Sun Finger. But you must be warned that the Yellow Sapphire is only effective if it is not adulterated and interfered by humans. Which means it should never be heated, to enhance its colour, colour-infused or atomically treated, the latter of which is deadly to your health. To ensure that you have a genuine Yellow Sapphire that will help you, purchase one from a reputable jeweller who can guarantee it is not treated in any way. I have dealt with gems for 30 years and am very particular of my gemstones character. For this reason, I am considered an expert and my reputation is something I value.


If you are interested to know if this powerful gemstone can lend its magic to enhance your life, contact me at 016 ?3362841 or send me an e-mail. Many have reaped the benefits from the Yellow Sapphire and other gemstones that I have prescribed. My website has their testimonies.