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In this fast paced rat race no time to smell the flowers life style we live in, we have to formulate systems that are efficient and effective which can help us to replenish our life force and spirit.

Meditation has been an effective method for me and my clients through the years I have been practising my esoteric arts of Gem Therapy and as an astro Tarot Card Reader.

Do not be afraid to Meditation. There does not have to be an intense religious aura around it. You do not have to recite mantras or burn incense to send you to an alpha state. Although you could encounter some astounding experiences if you really want to with the aid of soft soothing chanting and the intoxicating fragrance of incense.

We shall not go into that at this stage. For now, I shall instruct you on how to control your breathing, steady your heart-beat and stop your mind from racing around.

This technique can relax you and refresh you, to the equivalent of a one to two hour nap in a comfortable bed. This technique takes anytime between five to fifteen minutes depending entirely on you.

You can use this technique during your lunch break to energise you. You could do it anywhere and at anytime, sitting at your desk, in a moving vehicle or in bed. This is a perfect means to steady the nerves before any performance or competition.

It is excellent antidote for the insomniacs who wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep as thoughts and worries chase around in their head and build up into terrifying proportions. It can be adopted as a regular regime for those who find it difficult to get to sleep.

I have introduced it on a stage by stage basis and I strongly suggest that you go through the stages one step at a time to be able to be able to attain the ability to float into the deep meditative state when you are truly raised into an alpha state and can experience the full benefits of meditation. At this stage when you can practise thought implants which can be move you to achieve wondrous things for yourself.

The most powerful energy on earth is the power of mind energy. You can harness this through meditation.

Let me invite you to this realm and experience it your self.



Stage One

The first thing to do is to decide on a comfortable chair or position or place where you can feel secure and be relax to start the exercise.

You can adopt the lotus position if you can manage it but do not force yourself if it makes you uncomfortable or gives you cramps.

I always advise you to form the lotus hands position so as to maximise energy flow.

During the day when there is sunlight, form it with the palms facing upwards.

During the night when there is no daylight, form it with the palms facing downwards.

If you wish, you may burn an incense or an aromatic candle or oil.

If you wish, you may draw the curtains and meditate in a darker room.

When you have settled into a comfortable position you can begin

1. Close your eyes. In your minds eye you will visualise darkness      or shadows. Concentrate on that for a moment.

2. Now breath in on 1 count.

3. Hold your breath on 2 counts.

4. Breath out on 1 count.

5. Hold your breath on 2 counts.

Repeat the process again by breathing in, holding your breath and breathing out.

Continue repeating the breathing process and the counts. Allow your minds eye to roam among the various reflections of shadows in your minds eye.

You may stop after 20 repeats or whenever you wish. Do not stop yourself if you can drift off into a sleep. You may feel you are floating or begin to experience a dream like quality. Enjoy it.