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Having mastered the First Stage of Meditation, I shall now bring you to the next stage.

During the special moment, which you have set aside for yourself to slip into your inner-self and float into a realm of peace, first make yourself comfortable.

Adopt the lotus position, lie in bed or sit at ease at your desk.

Clean your mind and conjure in your mind’s eye a serene picture.

It could be a landscape of snow-capped mountains amidst the setting sun, or a calm lake edged with flowers.

With this image, begin to breathe to these counts.

  1. Breathe in on one count.
  2. Hold your breath for two counts.
  3. Breathe out in one count.
  4. Hold your breath for four counts.


Repeat this breathing and maintain the counts.

Do not rush.

Feel the rhythms of your heartbeat.

Count to the rhythm of your heart.

Be as one with your heart, be as one with yourself.


As you become more relax and your breathing synchronizes with your heartbeats, float into the image in your mind, and explore your landscape. Drift into the calmness of your inner mind and be at peace…………………….

You may give yourself as much time as you wish and when you return, you will feel so refreshed.